I am Rejoining the TA.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jerrycan2793, May 28, 2013.

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  1. Some of you may have seen the the complete cluster **** I made of the TA when I transferred into the RMP (V)

    After a bit of time out to improve my fitness and sort my life out I have decided to give the TA another go. I will be joining my original unit and have got the ball moving I am just waiting on a medical (Which I am told could take some time) I apparently will not have to complete my TSC (A) course or Phase 1 whatever it is being called because I left the TA within a 3 year period as a trained soldier. Is their any truth to that?

    And also, I can't believe I am about to ask this question but I do not have a PSI to ask at the moment. Will I go back to the bottom rung of the bounty scale? or do I start where I left off?

    Many Thanks


    Also if anyone wants to suggest interesting PT to get me onto form let me know.
  2. I did my weekends and a two week CMSR (Phase one or two?) course. I have been told I will go straight into trade training for the unit I am joining.

    Prior to transferring to the RMP (V) I was a trained soldier.
  3. A couple of lads from my old unit left and rejoined witin 2 years and as far I was aware went back to their old level on Pay, Bounty etc. Both kept their old rank as well. However, we had a very good PSAO who looked out for us and fairly sympathetic adults who were more than happy to have some more soldiers in the unit.
  4. Many thanks for that I appreciate it. I just managed to find the Bounty regulations on Army Net it appears I should be able to continue where I left off.
  5. Maybe you should look at why you left in the first place?

    Not getting too involved but are the TA RMP your going back to a wise choice, In my experience I wouldn't have thought so. They should of tried to keep you and got you up to the required fitness level.
    But there again TA RMP are not there for other people just for themselves, just saying like.
  6. I am not rejoining the TA RMP but my original unit where I was trained. The RMP (V) are very self serving that said the unit I was with appeared to be very good. I was shafted by a member of another unit who accused me of racism and my own lack of fitness which was a nail in the coffin.

    The CO of the RMP regiment I belonged to did not take kindly to my service complaint about her mishandling of the racism allegation but I was allowed to resign. But that is a different story.

    I have moved back into the area of my original unit which is an RLC Squadron. I am looking at going down the route of CMT which the recruiter has said should not be a problem but everything is still up in the air. I need to get back in before I look at routes to take that said once I am back in I should be straight on to trade training whichever that may be. Though I will likely have to do some refresher training in particular on CBRN which appears to have changed quite a lot.

    I think realistically evaluating my TA life, Fitness has always been my main weakness. I feel that coming back to the TA a little bit older (I am now 25) having had time to get my personal life and admin in check that I can achieve a lot more than I initially did.

  7. I think this will be the main obstacle

    "The CO of the RMP regiment I belonged to did not take kindly to my service complaint about her mishandling of the racism allegation but I was allowed to resign. But that is a different story."
  8. I agree. CO's of regiments tend not to like service complaints!
  9. I have spoken to the new unit and explained the situation in full, Officially the Racism never happened but I have been honest with the guys I am looking at rejoining in case they decide to ring the RMP for a reference.

    In a nutshell an allegation was made, The CO ordered the guilty bastard (ME) to be marched in I got a bollocking and was told to get out and that I would be discharged immediately. No attempt was made to hear my version of events or even look into and investigate impartially. After a lengthy Service Complaint about the way it was handled it was decided that I could leave the RMP TA without stain on my character they even offered at that point a transfer elsewhere but I decided that some time away from the TA would be more beneficial.

    My PSAO at the RMP unit who admittedly may now have left put a lot of effort into helping me through the service complaint. He quite openly stated that he thinks I made the complaint for all the right reasons so hopefully if they do ring the RMP unit I belonged to they will get him. My unit itself was incredibly supportive through what was quite a difficult time.

    I have told the guys I am looking at rejoining everything I can with honesty being the best policy.I have kept the service complaint correspondence with statements of events. My concern was if they ring my old unit even though I should in theory get a good report there is a chance it may be mentioned. The recruiting sergeant who knows me from my time with the unit some years ago alongside some of the other seniors know that I am not racist and I am hard working all be it border line on the fitness (Something I have worked very hard to rectify since my time with the RMP (V) ) They seem quite keen to get me back in so I don't think it will pose to much of a problem.

    To Clarify my TA Career so far,

    I joined the RLC (V) in 2005 Transferred to the Yeomanry after a house move in 2007 and then on to the RMP (V) after another house move in 2011. in 2011 the allegation was made about me and I failed a course because of a lack of fitness. The Service complaint was initiated and resolved over the course of a year and I resigned.

    I am now after another house move (Between work and studies I have lead quite a nomadic life style) applying to rejoin the RLC (V)
  10. Can't you bluff it and try for the £5000 Golden Hello?
  11. It may work but it is unlikely. It appears that I get to keep my bounty entitlement though which is a bonus. At present I am waiting on a Medical after which I can be re attested and go straight into trade training (As far as the recruiting sergeant is telling me) I was half expecting to be back at square one with year 1 bounty and all of my phase one training to repeat but apparently that is not the case.