I am Pashtun and I hate the Taliban

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube_share;wuAC-6nS3BA]http://youtu.be/wuAC-6nS3BA[/video]
  2. Hello, AK, been on your hollibobs?
  3. I'm Agnostic and I hate cheese and onion crisps.
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  4. Or AMMM, come back incognito to haunt/annoy the shit out of/get some attention from us all.
  5. That is why ignore is your friend
  6. I'm an ARRSE and I hate every ******.
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  7. I'm English and I hate Muslims.........................and Pakis. Oh,and shit stabbers.
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  8. Bless him, he tries.
    I do miss AK
  9. Oh no, not again.

    There will be tears before bed time.

    AK please pick a new user name and stick to the grown up forums.
  10. So do I, when he sticks to the stuff he knows about and avoids slagging matches in the NAAFI.
  11. I'm British and I hate people who display an avatar pic of themselves with shit facial hair affecting some sort of 1000 yard stare while wearing a kimono....
  12. I am a hetero gobshite and I sneer at your politically correct knob jockeyness!
  13. I am not pashtun and I hate pashtuns.
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  14. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    I am not a Pashtun, but I hate Skunks.

    Talibans are worse!

    Even if you soft soap me, I am afraid I will not relent!

    Religion has nothing to do with Nationhood!

    And if it did, have the ummah!

    Muslims cannot live in peace with themselves. let alone with anyone else.

    Shias and Sunnis.

    Sunnis and Ahmediyas.

    Sunnis and Sufis.

    Wahhabis or Salafis against all Muslim including the loveable Sunnis!

    Odd chaps!

    And they all claim to be votaries of Peace because that is ordained by their ever loving Prophet, who saw heavenly visions in a cave!
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  15. Is this some sort of shit poem, if it isn't then sort your ****ing shite writing style out.
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