I am on leave can I start work

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by anthony2112, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. I am been medically discharged Ive had my board and awaiting letter from Glasgow of confirmation. I am on leave until discharge, but wondering can I start work as I will be out of a job in a couple of months. I should get my letter of confirmation in a couple of weeks and it will have run out date etc on it. I have 2 kids and a wife and Ive had a job offer can I start. If not would they be able to find out. I heard you are not really suppose to start work until you get letter.

    Any advice would be a blessing

    :D :D :D :D :D :D
  2. From JSP 534 - The Tri-Service Resttlement Manual

    The basic question is - which type of leave are you on as this will answer your question?
  3. Med board put me on leave until I am discharged, Just waiting for my run out date to come.
  4. Sorry, it's still not clear. As a med discharge, you are entitled to the full Resettlement Programme and Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT). See the link.


    Are you on leave pending a decision by the standing med board or has this been done. Your unit should be assisting you in this.
  5. Just start you job, your leaving the forces now start acting like a civi and do whats best for YOU. what can they do sack you ?
  6. if your on terminal leave, start your job. make the most of two saleries and all the assistance the army gives you in resettlement. speaking from experience, its a weird time for you, you have a lot of readjustment from you, and with the best will in the world, the army don't give a fcuk about you now. as said above, they also can't sack you, so crack on.
  7. Great advice without the full picture. What happens if the guy is just on leave and gets injured at work? At a guess (an educated one) less pension and the MOD arguing the toss. A SNCO was killed in Iraq whilst working during on resettlement during 2004. - as he had not completed his 22, guess how much pension his family got?
  8. fair one i stand corrected.
  9. Interesting one, and dependent entirely on personal acceptance of risk. I know of a few people who have started work earlier but have not been paid and have either submitted their invoices after their date of going on terminal leave in retrospect, or have started off working for an "graduated" series of expenses, plus a "bonus" when completely eligible. Look constructively at that one.

    It depends what you have to lose, if you are waiting for four weeks until your 22 and pension then you have a little to think about. The best way this was described to me was "consider what would happen if you were on your way to work for your new company and had done 21 1/2 years colour service and were killed in a car crash rather than wait for an extra couple of weeks (on full HMG pay)". I, for one, would not risk it - any realistic employer will wait for you to finish legitimately.
  10. Will your P45 have any effect on this?- a current emplyer will need this-obviously. And the army is your current employer. Not only that, but some employers want to see discharge papers..though thats not always the case.
  11. Your new employer doesn't need a P45 - it's just common practice to get one as most people only have one job / getting it means you have a better chance of paying the right tax during the year.

    There is no civilian law against having two jobs (many people do) - on the tax front you may have to fill in a tax return at the end of the year if as a result you think you have under or over paid tax.

    Personally I would take the job - assuming of course it is a "normal job" in the UK - if you're really worried then about being killed, take out a big life assurance policy to cover the potential loss until your discharge comes through - under normal circumstances it won't cost anywhere near the wages you could earn!
  12. Well, in this position I am, I took the job and simply was put on emergency tax until my final discharge is through, then i could look at reclaiming tax or at least speaking to the tax man and getting the code right again. No P45 or P60 needed, the HR sorted it all.

    I, as i said took the job, it would be a very difficuly position for the Army to stop you....after all they have told you your off, they no longer want you.

    Additionally, if your expecting to leave in the next few weeks, think again, they are extending most because JPA can't sort your pension....just yet! bummer.

    Just take te job, keep stumm and good luck my friend. PM me if you need a cv hand etc.
  13. welcome to civyy strasse - and hope u enjoy it - best of luck with your new career
  14. PS..........enjoy the two wages too..........even after stuffing from the tax man, you'll have beer tokens aplenty and it's all worth while..
  15. Mate trust me start the new job, I left the Army then got back in after a year you dont get that many chances in the real world, Once you walk out those gates thats you 'free man' as to speak I waited months for my discharge papers.