I am NOT related to Cyril Clunge of 49 Para

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Alopecia Clunge, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. How mortified I am to see Clunge being associated with such a person after an embarrassing public exposure & subsequently being dragged through the dirt. I'm filled with anger, or something else, after this dragging, which has caused a grate deal of discomfort.
    Some might accuse me of being a pussy for not thrusting myself onto ARRSE'rs sooner but I didn't want to act like a bald faced cunt over what to others might be seen merely as pissing into the wind; something I have a lot of trouble with.
  2. Stop picking on my ex husband. His head is broken,
  3. I would just like to make clear, at this juncture, that I am not the artist known as Alopecia Clunge.

    I am fairly confident that I know some of the career history of said Clunge, but decency prevents me from revealing any more details.

    I think there is a degree of monkey business going on here.

  4. I want to puncture your lower intestines with something renowned for its unpleasantness and visual menace.
  5. Not your willy then?
  6. No, but thanks for trying.
  7. 3123?
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  8. I resent that.
    I'm a cock socket, not a sock puppet.
  9. Dashing Chap.... He's a complete and utter cunt and ergo, closely related to the Clunge dynasty.

    Alopecia Clunge could in fact be a Splashing Crap sock puppet.