I am NOT a Freak

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SiggyChick, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Two years ago, whilst in the service of my country, I was involved in a car crash in Germany. One of the results of this was that I lost my left leg at the knee and my right at the hip. After much work and effort on my part but especially on the part of the various agencies who use their amazing skill and compassion and also the psychiatric help, I’m now able to walk and I now look forward, at last, to being a useful member of society again.

    So why am I writing this? I’ve been reading ARRSE for 9 months now and it is in the top five of things which has enabled me to recover to the place I’m at now. Yesterday, I made the decision to join and begin posting. For reasons which will not be clear to you all, this was not an easy decision to make however make it I did. Within twenty minutes of entering the chat room I was receiving abuse for absolutely no apparent reason and so were some other, younger, ARRSErs. This shocked me. Today, I was even called a freak. I am not a freak. In fact, I used to be considered an attractive woman. I know men are no longer interested in me and I accept that as a it’s a very obvious result of my injury, however losing my legs in many ways wasn’t as difficult as losing my career. Yes, I may be a bit stuffy – indeed many of the men I had the privilege of leading were of the opinion that I was stuck up. As far as I have been made aware this didn’t stop me being a damn good soldier and officer. If all that this website can offer is sad, sexist abuse from deluded Walts and pen pushing lesbians then it’s not the place I thought it was. I am so very, very sorry.
  2. See Ya!
  3. Was going to say jog on but in this case. Taxiiiiiiiiiii !
  4. What happened to the 'detatched' part of your leg?

    Got any piccies of your stump?

    Bet your sh1t at twister
  5. Are you heather macartneys twin sister :wink:
  6. :lol:MDN, you sick feck. Presscot using it to play Crochet or however the feck you spell it.
  7. Siggychick.
    Its the bloody internet luv FFS. Did you lose your sense of humour with your legs? 8O
    Are the nappies for you by any chance? :roll:
  8. Don't worry love, I've got a thing for tarts with no legs. You wouldn't be mentally handicapped aswell would you, personally I couldn't get enough of dribbling birds that happen to be knee high. It's not all doom and gloom love, some of us young Arrsers know how to treat a lady. Tell you what I'll give you a fiver to put on a sailor suit and dance for me....well dance may be pushing it a little, how's about just crawl about on the floor?
  9. Anyone seen the film 'Crash'? The one about car wreck fantasists who get turned on by twisted metal and the like.

    Siggychick, got any pics of you slumped over the wheel whilst someones lobbing their muck in one of your wounds?

    Fancy a re run using a Hyundai?
  10. Who needs love when you're doing it up the sh1tter? Or legs, for that matter?
  11. You are deffo one weird bloke Flashy.

    A Hyundai? FFS, at least use a proper car.
  12. I think perhaps the repsonse to this thread hasn't quite reached the intellectual level she's looking for, thanks in large part to it being posted on ARRSE and, more importantly, in the NAAFI.

    Come on, love. We've all got problems, but unless you were intending to look for reasons to kill yourself, and possibly a little encouragement as well, here was probably not the best place to air them and if you've got genuine (sic) concerns, take them to the boss.

    Try http://www.ampulove.com/ if you're after a caring sharing community.
  13. Don't know why she's moaning, it's one less leg to shave. Plus if she ever gets stuck in her house while it's on fire she could use the stump as a battering ram...
  14. Siggychick, we could have a whip round and get you one of these;

  15. That's not quite a bad idea for getting back from the pub in.