I am looking for an RSWO to work in an Inf Bn - Interested?

I am trying to find a WO2 who would be interested in continuance or FTRS to be the RSWO of an Inf Bn. Start time would be soon. Location will be Germany. We are lookin at a year minimum or 2 years if prefered. There is also the possibilty of extending further to go to Herrick. Will definately do BATUS.

Ideally you should be a BSM but a good working knowledge of BG level comms and Bowman would do and be capable of providing the Command and Control required to compete in the Inf.

Anyone interested or know someone who might be up for it?
Ever thought of calling MCM Div? You know, those blokes and ladies who deal with MS issues for the Army, amongst others!
Or perhaps you could put an add out in the sixth sense!

At least poachers go out at night!