I am joining 2RTR but

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Harvo, May 26, 2006.

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  1. In September im going Army Foundation College-Harrogate, then Second Royal tank Regiment
    so i just like to know
    .what is it like
    .what advice have you got for me please
    .and what will it be like for a Leicester lad joining 2RTR
    and any other advice/help etc... you could give me this would be greatly appreciated
  2. good regiment hard working and playing bit of advice dont just walk in the gates thinking you are gods gift just keep your head down and listen dont gob off just do as you are told to if you aint got a clue then ask someone for help nothing worse than a new guy doing damage to things he aint got a clue how to use but i have been here for 7 years now and have had nothing but fun oh yeah make sure you get on down the sqn bars when you arrive best place to start meeting people.
  3. Just watch out for my son! He,ll have 10 beers from you before you can say, Oi! There's summut fishy going on ere! :? :D
  4. Takes after his Dad then!!! LOL
  5. Although all Regiments have individual recuiting area's there is usually a large number of immigrants (except I understand the Geordie based 15/19H when they existed) in every one. Is there an English regiment without at least a dozen Jocks in it?. My "local" regiment was 14/20H (now KRH) but I joined 1 RTR because my dad was from Liverpool and I thought black coveralls looked great.

    So enjoy being one of the men in black and remember !!! the alternative is joining the 9/12L.
  6. As said I doubt you will have any probs. I need to ask why you want to be a MIB.

    Great Reg, good lads. Have fun and I wish I was you.
  7. Not having regrets are we...lol

    Tankieboy is right though, it is an excellent regt with great pride (sad but I still have a 'My boy Willie ringtone).
  8. you wish you were me, im flattered lol... as for want to be an MIB its simply a matter of me not wanting to be in a FR regiment so im going for the best main battle tank/best regiment in the RAC, i suppose its that simple lol,great advice by the way...and don't worry ill be straight in them Sqn bar's!!!
  9. Ooo rah!

    Enjoy your time in germany - wont be long before you'll be coming back to England and those Sqn Bars will be a hazy memory!

    edited to correct shocking spelling of my home country...
  10. OO rah! indeed
  11. Well harvo im a leicester lad and the Regt is a total mix from all over the country if not the world.

    As you prob already know its mainly made up from mix of guys from the south west and londoners hense the cockney farmers title.

    But you will get alot of good advice from the tankies on here past and present young (cvrtgunner) and old (soprano54).

    Just keep ya head down, work hard and play hard. And you will get on fine, ive done 15 now and still havent managed to do the work hard bit yet however the play hard bit is in the bag and i do model my self on the great soprano54 and i cant recall seeing his hands ever being dirty!
  12. Ah, welcome back max black. How'd ranges go? That 50 cal thing as much of a joke as it sounds? We're using it at Castlemartin this year.
  13. Im on the pop guns again so not a clue only got back off ex yesterday, If you here rumours about a section attack on E it wasnt us!Sent you a mail.
  14. I think you need to take heed of what is said in the thread entitled GOBBY NEW BLOKES!!!!!
  15. Calling max black a NIG. Now that I do approve of :D