I am here - the CO asked me to visit - Ling

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LingsCars, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello, hello.

    Hope you are all well and not too many of you have been shot or killed.

    The CO asked me to post to say thanks to everyone who have been nice about my Dragon Den visit. You can see that my missile did the job for me. Everyone should have one.

    I am ready to accept abuse: fire away, brave solider boys and girls :)))

    I am sure you have lots of remarks to chop me down to size.

    - Ling
  2. I love you ling. Truely, madly and balls deeply.
  3. Why didn't you take the cash...........??
  4. Ling from all of your pictures I thought you were a gezzer, then you rock up with tits and a fanny. I'm confused.

    I'll take 50% of your business for a £5 and a can of stella.
  5. Missed the prog what happened?
  6. Keep going then I will tell you what really happens...
  7. Duh! How can you miss a Nuclear Missile?

    It is on my website in the left hand pic box next to the two square car pics at the top.
  8. I cleaned off the dog shit from Dale's show poodle first...
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  9. Ling, do you sell used cars
  10. Whitehore, just brand spanking new ones. Velly cheap :) Perfect Chinglish, eh? Hehehe
  11. should have dressed as a schoolie, you would have got all the dosh then
    but well done their fcked up faces when you turned down the money was apicture
  12. I missed the "s" out but it kind of works so I won't edit it hehehe, Whitehore. :)
  13. I wore the worst clothes I could find :) My own. Don't do child porn.
  14. Wah!