I am guessing EOD vehicles running around Thirsk this week, where do they come from and where are they going?

Twice in the last week what I can only guess are unmarked MOD EOD vehicles have torn through Thirsk in the morning, white box vans, each maned by 3 in camo, one was certainly Royal Navy big beard and white ensign flash on his shoulder.

Training school, real life shout, any ideas?
Where they the DAFs or Pinzgauer?
RAF leeming been running an exercise this week might be part of that
Unlikely, no EOD operates from Leeming.

No reason for Navy to be in the area, RLC are just up the road in Catterick, Navy operate from Portsmouth and Helensburgh, RAF from Wittering.
Were they blue lighting it?
No, we don’t do training drives, there’s no requirement once the driver is trained.

Were they coming from the North?
Where's me roll of tinfoil?
Possibly come from Catterick.
Driver training out of DST Leconfield?
Claro just outside Ripon?
Fück me it’s not pin the tail on the donkey
It’s a legal requirement.
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