I am fcking pissed off

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by amazing__lobster, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. I am sat in the common room in my uni accomodation and got chatting to some fcking dickhead from Oman who, when found out I was an ex-British soldier, said he hopes all the British and American solders die...

    When I asked if he finds contributing towards our economy slightly hypocritical, he said its different! Even when I explained about the defence budget coming from out taxes! He then asked to changed the subject.

    I am so fucking raging :x :x
  2. Tw*t the cnut then
  3. Just told him there was some good news - an insurgent was killed in Iraq. So I was going to have a party and then kill some people over some cartoons.

    He's gone now...
  4. Talking about taxes was where you made the mistake.

    Right after the crack about wishing death upon soldiers, you should have taken him to one side and politely explained to him, using your fists, what was wrong with what he just said.
  5. tw@ the cnut?

    Take him outside and hacksaw its swede off...
  6. The funny thing was these fukers are everwhere in our education, my mate said that at an NUS conference he was at. they actually had to vote against a student political party that wants to impose a world wide muslim state! The NUS was actually considering letting them form!
  7. 'Martyr' this pirck and you'll both be happy. Or, put an 'I love Jihad' sign on his door then ring the Met and they'll get rid.
  8. Aye, tw*t the f*cker.
  9. Now now, violence doesn’t solve anything.
    I assume as you share accommodation with him you also share a kitchen?
    Skiff his milk bottles, wipe your cheesy knob crust on his bread, and steal his beer – that’ll do for starters :twisted:

    You have the rest of the academic year to play with the throbber.
  10. I was fcking shaking as I have a lot of friends out there at the minute... but it just fcking shows how naive these people are?!?! He said that English education is different and that universities are nothing to do with the Army!!!

    We have a fcking American Naval liason officer posted here for fuck sake, an OTC, a big fck off memorial for the people who died during WW1&2, and countless ex-Army students and tutors!
  11. I wonder if the same degenerate piece of semi-evolved Pond life was the same person I had a discussion with at my Uni who attempted to argue that those who died in two world wars and who are commemorated at the Cenotaph in London were far more worthy of the country's gratitude than what he termed: "The present generation of servicemen who are little more than mere MOD Employees"!

    He found it most difficult to read the law reports with two badly swollen eyes after accidently falling down the stairs of the library!

    Ignorant civlians insult our soldiers at their peril!
  12. Goku has got it sussed Amazing Lobster my clever uni going friend. Now prove your real cleverness by pissing this
    t-wat off for as long as he's on your dorm. Practical jokes are the answer to 'don't get mad get even'. We Brit's love a good pracky joke. My fave' is anything to do with car battery acid. (Careful, if it leaks on your clothes you'll be the one pi$$ed off). Surely during your time in service you made contacts with those who could pick locks etc. (Or approach any scouser). Get in his room and feck about discretely. Play with his feckin' mind man.

    And at end of term chuck him off a cliff.
  13. He was studying law?

    Lobster when you get round to reading my pm you'll know why I've just started crying inside.
  14. The truth every one is that the world has gone to the dogs.