I am due posting as an Is engineer(Lcpl)............

Steady on there fella, take yourself outside, slap yourself then come back in and ask your question again, along the lines of "Nevermind trade, where's good on the pop fellas?"
Definately go to Germany for your first posting. It sets up your career when you get to see what the army should be like.

Postings in the UK mean minimal socialising with your fellow mates as they all go home at weekends.
So are they giving away free Lance Jack tapes with the IS trades now? Hadnt heard that... But they still fcuk you about doing that infantry bollocks on your CLM.

Hmmm, think someone needs to make up their minds what we are.
well it really depends what you are out for mate!!

If like the above you are just a socialising Beer monster... then anywhere in germany will do.

If however, what you are after is to get out and get a little of that nice Job statisfaction stuff, then becareful where you ask for...

20Bde is purely ATacCS and sitting on your arse for 3 years. (Also no posts for about a year.)

7 and 4Bde again is only really ATacCS however I have heard you do have the extra fun of being in the training wing..

If you are after a more hands on, then you are really looking at somewhere like 2Sigs, 30Sigs, WhiteHall, PJHQ (JOCS Tiger Team) amoung other stuff. 16Sigs has a troop of Engrs and is said to be pretty good. 21 Sigs has a few networks to get your mits into, however heard alot of nasty **** stuff happens there, so proberly best to avoid.

1 Div and 3 Div are said to be an ok posting for an IS Engr. Also worth a look is a NATO post, although unlikely you will get one as your first posting.

I am just leaving 20Bde, and without bitching about any other non-related stuff. Its just not a place for an IS Engr who wants to do anything other get drunk as a skunk 7 days a week. And of the IS Engrs I know from 4 and 7, not a good words was really said.

Hope that helps a little more then just, 'get Germany and get rat arsed!'
Don't forget the new IS posts at 22 Sigs. This will be working with the lastest and newest IT system in the British Army. All using Windows 2003 software. However expect to deploy on Herrick next year. LOL
Supertramp said:
Don't forget the new IS posts at 22 Sigs. This will be working with the lastest and newest IT system in the British Army. LOL
LOL indeed. If you get a posting to 22, you might hear rumours about FALCON some time before you leave there. The Army's equipment programme is rather slow.
You say that, however the J1J4 IOS (DII(ID)R)system has been rushed through and in less than a year from Concept Demo the system is getting ready to be deployed.

Now thats quick, although it has had its problems along the way because of the quick timescale.
leave and be a civvy, you get more repsect and get treated like an adult, i'm just hitting my 3rd posting in 2 years as a geek and still haven't done my trade. my upcoming post is in an E2 post. oh yeah working with SO's
The_Jedi_Who_Is_Bored said:
Cheers for that guys, I am now thinking either Mastricts in holland or 22 sigs.
Maastricht unit is moving to Brunssum in the very near future (JFC) still a good posting but expect to be deployed to AFI/IRAQ more often than not as Manning and records find this post an easy option to send people from as its no longer screened.

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