I am a vegetable…

During a rather heated meeting today , one of the younger,brighter/more talented and overpaid darlings spat the dummy , to the tune of “ WW you’re nothing more than a vegetable “ with my rapier like wit and repartee I responded “that’s as may be , but which one carrot top ? “ there was no reply. However I have spent the rest of the day wondering what vegetable I should be , should I be a Brussels sprout, on account of my excessive flatulence ? I did wonder about a pea, but I just had one, or possibly a marrow , on account of the excessive size of my …. you get the idea. Do you see your self as, or can relate to something off the greengrocery section of Tesco’s ?
Awaits incoming on this one………

Well WW, I'm sure you've heard the one about what the hardest thing is about putting a vegetable in a blender...

I see myself as Celery: Bad taste, pointless and best taken raw
WW I wouldn't have called you a vegetable..... they can photsynthesise. I'd have tipped you out of your chair and dragged my naked bottom over your face :D

Crabby.... you not a vegetable, just a plain and simple cnut.
Because I have a slightly fishy aftertaste or because we don't get along?

My dear mother always told me to play nicely before servicing another of her clients
WW I am aware you have several limbs missing, but a chap I used work with who had 'short' arms, used to reply, "I'd like to be a w4nker like you, but I cant reach"
Courgette, for the same reasons JD wants to be a cucumber.

Courgette just sounds a bit more upmarket and poncey, probably attracts a better class of feminine vegetable abuser, and gets to live in a cleaner fridge.


A jerusalem artichoke for no other reason that its weird looking and you wouldnt like it up your hoop.
titsinatophat said:
Go straight to the ARRSE Hole
Do not pass go
Do not collect 200 dollar
Thats what she said, buddumm tsccchhhh.

"Oh my coat".... "and a taxi"... "You're too kind"

P.S I wanna be a spud. Because i'm always caked in mud and kids dont like me.

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