I am a pathetic physical specimen

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by halfshellhick, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. I am looking at joining the army as an officer having recently finished university, however the years of boozing/smoking have took their toll. I am not overweight, just weak and very out of shape.

    My current stats are:

    1.5 mile run: 17mins
    Max press ups (2mins): 11
    Max sit ups (2mins): 27

    I am working temporary jobs for cash but would like to join asap. On a plan of running 3x a week and doing weights 3x a week can anyone give a rough estimate of how long it would take me to get to a suitable fitness? (10mins 1.5mile run, 40ish press ups/sit ups).
  2. Hats off to you lad, I've been abusing my body for 30+ years and I have not been able to get as bad as you are. What sort of drinking training have you been carrying out?
  3. This has got to be a WAH.

    Even after a 17 hour sesh I can easily pass a PFT. (Not condoned or recommended BTW).

    You are indeed not even pathetic..........
  4. A mix of endurance drinking and HIIT smoking. I can't fully blame fags and booze though, I have hardly exercised since the age of 11 when I stopped playing football.
  5. 4 years, 13 months and 262 days.

    Now, five times round my beautiful body..... wait for it.... GO!!!

    On a serious note, start slowly, throwing yourself into running 3x a week a and doing weights 3x a week is going to be pretty demotivating when you are in such a puny and weedy state. Go out and get yourself a copy of "Fighting Fit" by Adrian Weale, all you need to know is contained within.
  6. I must be more than twice your age and I am more than twice as fit as you are! How on earth have you managed to achieve that dismal level of fitness?

    Three months - sensibly.

    Read the previous threads - and there are lots of them. Stop the beer, fags and the junk food. Eat sensibly. Exercise lots - gently to start with. Then push yourself.

  7. I would stop right there, and not even bother to attempt another push up. It's just not going to happen, is it?
  8. Good God, im dead, and still fitter than you!!
  9. Ooof, it's like having kds.

    Scarletto, you can shut it, you scouse girl.
  10. I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed you can pick a pint up with having a cardiac arrest.

    Litotes, just finished a job at the OTC and these young whippersnappers, well they ain't snappers but they need a LOT of whipping.

    Back in the day before I joined I used to get up early, before work and go for a run. I also used visit the sports centre twice a week for a keep fitness class. Occainsally I used the multi gym to help build up my upper body strength. My alarm clock was set to wake me up every Sunday morning, and I would go out running on my special Sunday morning route. I would always throw up lasts nights kebabs/bitter/lager at the top of a particular nasty hill without fail. I did all that to not to achieve the minimum standards, but to make sure I that I was as fit as I could be.
    If you can't be bothered motivating yourself, as a future leader of men, how do you propose to inspire others.
    As a wannabe officer, if you have to start a thread on here about minimum fitness requirements you might want to see the RAF or Navy websites.
    Apparentley they take anyone.
  12. Approx 2314 years fatty.
  13. he is fat? "I am not overweight, just weak and very out of shape."

    ...lol he's fat and your blind i guess we all win there.... :wink: then again his version of 1.5mile run is 17min so maybe his version of fat pushes it a bit, but probably not to the extension "ty" on the end of "fat" to make "fatty" that makes me think of the word "obese" which he reckons he isn't 8O :lol: I'd say make a target of 8miles a day 7 days a week(whether that takes your life or not) just so if you ever meet these harsh individuals you can run them into the ground...literally for 8miles worth of stomping :p
  14. There are girls who can do more push ups than him.
  15. Lightweight. Admittedly I am no longer the svelte toned chap I was when we joined but I could still pass a BFT in good order. And I am older than you :eek: