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Afternoon alles,

I've looked through several threads on here to see if it's already posted and can't find one. My question is simple. Can you run 2 wireless routers off the same phone line?

The reason for this is my house appears to be lead lined. I have a Black BT wireless router up stairs in the back bed room where my son connects his PC to via a wired connection. He also connects to this wirelessly for his 360. Down stairs the long haired CO connects to the router wirelessly, but the signal is really really poor despite having a line of sight of about 20 foot from the router. I use a Macbook and it seems fine.

Obviously from this the problems lays with her PC, but saying this I connected another wireless thingy to it and this didn't improve.

My provider is BT.

If I can't run another router from the line then I may have to fork out on one of those rebro gadgets. Not happy as I'm tighter than a nuns chuff.

Any sensible replies are most welcome but please lay off the computee jargon as I'm as thick as a Ghurka's foreskin
Short answer is no.

Slightly long answer is that if you had two wireless modem's on the same line they would both be trying to connect to the dslam/exchange. The exchange would only be able to accept one PPPoE connection on one line so they would knocking each other over all time.

Your best bet would be either another wireless switch and set that up as a repeater or you try one of those new ethernet over powerline contraptions. However with those you need to have pretty top notch internal wiring to get the best out of it...which i assume you'd need to for gaming.

If you have another phone point in the house you could always try moving the router to see if you can get better signal somewhere else or just getting a better wireless router could do the trick.
There are many ways of getting better conectivity to the Router. Put it as high as you can in the most central point in the house, I swear this works.

You may be able to run another router as a just a wireless hub connected to the other.

Failing that purchase a cheap wireless hub/switch - Wired and Wireless Networking, Network Accessories.. | Ebuyer.com


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The problem with moving the router to other phone sockets is that (certainly in the past) the extra wiring between the "main" socket (i.e. that which comes in straight from the green box on the street) and your secondary socket degraded the signal to such an extent that it was often impossible to connect to your ISP. A couple of houses I've lived in would only let me connect if the router was left in the socket in the hallway, which was annoying.
Instead of using wireless, try using some LAN-over-electricity mains devices. There are quite a few different makes, eg Netgear and PC World's Advent. You just plug your router into a mains socket using one device, then any other electric socket in the house acts as a LAN port using another device (you can password-protect this network if you have a shared electricity ring main). In my experience, the devices work even over rotton old 1950s wiring, and even over extension cables (which the instructions warn are not suitable). My flat is spread over four floors of a Victorian building and is 100% wireless proof. By contrast, the mains Ethernet absolutely booms through in each room...


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I assume they are both wireless / ADSL router / modems.

If you can get into one box or the other (by browser), and you can disable WAN (ie ADSL) and some other stuff, it ought then to act as a repeater. As a mainframe man, network and PC stiff are not my forte (but people still ask me) so don't quote me.

Visit thinkbroadband :: The UK's largest independent Broadband / ADSL comparison & review website where you will find plenty of people who will put you right (I have seen the question asked - and answered on there before). Give them exact makes, models, firmware versions etc and some geek will give you chapter and verse.
As 4(T) says - Powerline ethernet. I am using These

and they are very good ..

Failing that you could run a cat 5 cable between the upstairs router and a convenient location downstairs which you can plug into a wireless access point, switch or just the local machine. 20 metre cable around a fiver already terminated. Much easier than faffing around with repeaters and so forth ....

I have a couple of those plug things knocking around the abode which BT kindly sent me even though I didn't want their BT vision thing so I'll give it a crack and see what happens. Failing that I may have to part with some cash for the rebro gadget. I wonder if I can use 2 x 351s with a bit of D10! Thanks for the advice one and all.

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