I am a Biff - .gif file on my signature block


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So I have used the search function - nothing useful.

I have googled - can't find anything.

Either I am asking the wrong question (most likely) or I am really confused.

Yes, I am a biff.

So please - how do you have a .gif file (i.e. a bit of movie that is hosted on another site saved as a .gif) on my signature?

Many Thanks for the sensible answers in advance!!

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The standard forum method is to use the following codes (but without spaces)

[ img ] ink to image, eg where hosted such as photobucket [ / img]

But can also add a web link so that if anyone clicks they go to your website etc:

[ url = web address link [ img ] link to image, eg where hosted such as photobucket [ / img] [ / url ]
I am luddite mate & awful with IT. My mates son converts things into Web Resolution .JPEG images and my wife is Red Hot on Adobe Photoshop along with my eldest. I could be wrong as they are all out tonight but I think that a .JPEG is a high resolution still image & only .gif images can be animated and have frames. I think that most s/w programs can optimise images for web use at 72dpi and get them to load fast. Good luck.
What like a smaller version of this then.


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Ark-Angel - yes!!!!

OK - so I am now in the learning how to do this stuff, unless you want to tell me whilst i am trawling through the t'interweb. I have a sequence in .wmv ready to go!!
Try this then.
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