I am 30 is it too late?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Duncs81, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Hi all I am 30 years old 31 in June I have been in work all my life from car mechanics to building work and various things in between. I am currently out of work and taking a step back and looking at my life and I am looking to join the army as a new and change of career. I was just wondering if any of u know if there r many people my age that join up and also does being older effect my chances in anyway I have never done anything like this and it would be a complete new path. Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.
  2. It all depends on your attitude to being fucked around by people younger than you, and your fitness.

    Do you think you're ready, and able?
  3. Like Prince Albert say's quite rightly.

    You're almost 31, your going to be up against 16-20 year old's who are fitter/quicker/stronger and can you honestly say you will adapt immediatley to the Beastings that will inevitably be coming your way sometimes by people younger than you in ya face trying to grind you down, break you apart all in an effort to mould you into something to be proud of and relied upon to do you job and back up your mates.

    P.S have you ever run anywhere wearing a full face Respirator or done any form of Phys with one on, cos that will be one area you'll come up against C.B.R.N
  4. Some people prefer the older guys because they tend to get on with things without moaning and bitching unlike SOME younger, newer Soldiers. Some tend to judge "That 30 year old Private..." etc.

    I'd say, if you're up for the challenge go for it. I know a couple of guys that turned 30 in Phase 2 and they're getting on just fine.
  5. Bore the **** off, this is the 21st century not the 100 year war!

    Don't listen to the "old timers" on here mate, 30 is fine - especially if you are keen to get on with it and do the job!

  6. Bit harsh ! theres a recession on - unemployment high and every **** who cant keep a job has a crack at the Army - fair play for laddo wanting to apply but competition will be fierce.
  7. What a pathetic comment to make to the guy.
    Had you run around in one before you joined up? I know I hadn't and it didn't stop me from succeeding.
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  8. Sod it while im at it... hey Ex Rockape51 have you ever seen a roadside IED detonate? What about any contacts in the green zone or basra city? hmm? hmm?
  9. With a user name of Rockape the closest he ever got to any of those things was queuing up at Echos in KAF.

    To the OP, I know a few older guys and they do (generally) get treated more like adults than their younger counterparts. But you just need to be sure you'll be happy taking orders from LCPLs and CPLs who might be five or ten years younger than you. If you're single it might be a shock going from living on your own and looking after yourself to living in a corridor with people in their late teens/early twenties who aren't used to not having their mum there to tidy up after them.

  10. have you ever seen a grown woman naked ? What would you like to ask next ? Do we like the smell of napalm in the morning perhaps ?
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