I aint gettin on no plane...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by spent_case, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. Right.. I'm scared of heights and I don't like flying. So I'm jumping out of a plane on a Sunday for H4H.

    I intend to scream like a girl and cry all the way down, because it's the Scaley way...

    If you want to chuck some money at this it will be much appreciated.


    I will be auctioning my stained undercrackers on ebay for the ladies on Monday. I will hopefully stop crying by Thursday.

    *Edited due to mong Link
  2. AAGF


    Was going to throw a few $$$ into your fund but the link doesn't work (for me at least).

    First time I got out of a perfectly good plane (civvy), my arrse clamped so tight that a perfectly formed fart couldn't have escaped with the assistance of a hydraulic jack. I think my arrse was trying to find something on the previously mentioned perfectly good plane to attach itself to - like the plane seat, or the hanger floor we had recently left. I remembered an old Goons set (may have been Stooges) about staying on Terra Firma - the more Firma the ground, the less Terror! :lol:

    Find your packer and buy them a beer. If you packed it yourself, enjoy several beers and then do it again when you sober up.
  3. Fix your link & invest in imodium.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  5. AAGF


    Thanks Fugly - do you know if they can add PayPal (like the normal H4h)- makes it so much easier from over here.
  6. Good luck.

    I did my first parachute jump to get over my fear of heights and got addicted. Now almost got my A license.

    Never did get over the fear of heights. It's a totally different feeling at 5000ft+ compared to 20ft up a ladder!
  7. Blark.... good luck with that one mate. The ONLY time i fell out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft was a number of years ago now. I was strapped to some hero type coz i would have killed myself on my own.

    I had to be physically thrown out of the aircraft! I took two pieces of the doorframe with me and screamed all the way to the ground. You know that kind of scream where ya go: Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... intake of breath.... Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... intake of breath.... Argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh etc etc. All rounded off nicely by landing like a sack of wet crap.

    After checking for a pulse, hero type sez "ready to go again"? By the time the aircraft came to take off a second time.... nobody could find me! lol.

    I'd rather lick a NAAFI tarts gusset than go through that again! :puker:
  8. Excuse the Mong link! Cheers for the working one Fugly.

    Didn't get to jump as the fackin plane was bust. It's been fixed and if all is fine and dandy I go on Sunday. So I get to spend another week bricking it.. Perfect!
  9. I wouldn't worry SC.... if it all goes wrong, you'll get just enough time to croak "Wot the fu...." SPLAT! Feel free to post piccy's of your near death experience on completion!

    Best of luck bud. :wave:
  10. Well, I have been given the nod. It takes place tomorrow... If all goes well I shall be quaffing ale and telling tall tales about my 'Jump' on the morrow night.

    If it all goes Pete Tong... Chuffed to fack, I have died owing money! Wa Hey
  11. So come on.... wot happened? I'm assuming from the lack of postage that you hurtled into the tarmac. 8O
  12. Spent 8 hours sat at Lewknor bleedin Drop Zone waiting for the breeze to bugger off. All the Tandem jumpers had a go, but it was too windy for us canopy sprogs..

    Have to go back on the 26th July. So yet more bloody stress. This is beginning to get annoying!
  13. High winds eh? Confess - you had a curry on Saturday, didn't you...?
  14. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    SC the first jumps Great, it,s the second one that scares the living sh ite out of yer.
  15. Lol - I wish. I couldn't eat bugger all Saturday or Sunday. Still at least I got to sit in the plane this time.

    Which meant I was able to see the sliding door is made of see through Perspex. Me nerves are in shreds. 3 more bloody weeks of waiting..