I accidentally lied on my medical!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by A13x, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. On the form where it asked have you ever needed hospital treatment or an operation, i ticked no.

    But after i handed the form to my doctor and a few weeks after i remembered that when i got my face smashed into the ice at hockey i broke my nose and had to have stitches in my chin and lip.

    There wasn't any operation on my nose, they just gave a injection in it and twisted it back into place, i was not put to sleep and stitiches are stitches.

    Do you think this will matter or am i just paranoid?
  2. Nope it doesnt matter mate, i done exactly the same on mine. Aslong as the GP has put all the details down, thats all they need. I wouldnt worry at all. I got cleared for my medical within the week
  3. on't worry about it. It will be fine.
  4. may be a silly question but will me gp have any details of this because i just went straight to the hospital, never saw my gp about nay of it?
  5. The hospital should send a copy of what happened to your GP. They will also have details of your sex change - did you declare that on the questionaire ?? Cus if you didnt , yer fcuked :twisted:
  6. I only had small implants so i'm hoping they won't notice :D
  7. They're meant to be at the front though.

    (and no, to the original - as posted NHS will forward copies to your GP), you'll sit through the medical interview, so you can draw attention to it then).
  8. i had an operation wen i was bout 13/14 because i was working with my dads company at weekends but lifting stuff that was to heavy for my hernier i had im brilliant now tho no problems as all
  9. Oh those pesky hernia glands :p
  10. indeed nightmare but im all sorted was over 4 years ago neva felt better never had any problems lift weights had checkups b4 i do medical everythings fine that put my mind at rest
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.