I’m wanting to enlist Uk army but I’m 35 .

Great, an argumentative recruit or Pte. What could possibly go wrong?
Fair challenge, done correctly at the right time is important.

Insubordination is not.

Knowing the difference between a discussion and an order is a vital skill learned through experience. We must get away from assuming that Crow bags know nothing. Sometimes the tiniest voice has the answer.

The Army is changing. Empowering subordinates is a so much better than the old way of "Shut up Crow".

But also, knowing when to do, rather than think is needed.

Hopefully life experience will bring this to the table for an older recruit.


I was once told that I had the ability to make “yes Sir” sound like “are you f**ing serious Sir”.

Takes experience and in most cases, a bit of rank to pull off.

Not saying a mature Pte can’t do it, but it might be seen as arrogance. If the OP goes for a technical trade rather than tanks, he might pull it off.

Nonetheless, either go for it, don’t go for it and move on, or forever wonder, what if?
Hi im thinking about joining the army but I’m at the latest stage of been able to enlist I’m 35 just turned . On live chat they mentioned I need to be enlisted before 36.6
Months . So my question is have I left it to late am I been stupid wanting to enlist so late in life . I’m relatively fit and active and am comfortable with the fitness tests I would need to pass for phased training . But people have spoke to said let the idea slip and let it go it’s too late . What’s your honest opinions have I left it to late .
Honest opinion is do it, and don't leave it a moment longer before applying. You haven't got long before you run out of time and the recruitment process isn't a 5 minute affair.

If it's something you've been thinking about for a while you will forever regret it if you don't at least try. If you try and fail, well them's the breaks but we've all heard the old 'I almost joined the army/navy/RAF' tales from people who then go on to say they wished they had. Don't be one of them.

You've almost left it too late (so don't delay) but not everybody realises what they really want to do so early on in life so you are definitely not being stupid. Some people have an epiphany later on in life and choose to do something they never thought they would ever do and possibly thought that it might be beyond them before giving it a go. I'm in that space now so I understand your concerns. I am soon to embark on a new career that I never, ever thought I would see myself doing but if I hadn't taken the initial steps to apply, and I had my doubts like you, I would never have got there.


Just going to throw this one in there (and then stand well back) but if you're already comfortable in a managerial role (assuming of course you're any good at it) and you would rather get treated like a grown-up, why not look at commissioning?

Too old for the regular Army or RN IIRC, but the RAF will take officers up to somewhere around 36 (I think).
I was asked if I had a job to go back to i answered truthfully . What did you want me to say no . I’m not talking myself out of anything or talking myself into anything either I’m asking honest opinions about something I’ve wanted to do but realised I may have left it too late . Wanted truthful opinions I haven’t just decided to join a military forum for the crack because I was bored I wanted advice . But thank you for you input . Much appreciated
If you want to go tankie, go tankie and böllocks to what others say. It’s not their life or career. Just go for it.

Before you do though, check that your chosen unit will still be using challenger in the near future.
Apropos of nothing. Everyone’s referring to the OP as a bloke but Dayle’s a girl’s name isn’t it?


Well just thought I would update thanks for all who did contribute with your opinions . I went ahead with my application and next week I have 2 telephone appointments ( due to corvid ) first been clinical triage and following that briefing . I thought it’s best to try and fail then to never to try and always think what if . Life’s about taking chances right :) . You have one life .
thanks again



I’m field based as a store development manager so travel the Uk managing refit programs and store closures I was looking to go in as a tank crewman . But depending on what I get in the tests would obviously determine what area I choose .
Logistics ? Supply management experience ?
Royal Logistic Corps maybe ?

Or try the RAF regiment, they seem to be highly regarded here on ARRSE.

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