I´m No Techie

Yesterday I overheard someone at a party say that if you dip your dongle in coke before entry you get better results. I thought you should never mix liquids with electronics...am I wrong or should I try this ?
Methinks that you are well aware of the dangers of doing this with a dongle.

Now if you want to try it out with the dangle - please let us know what the the Missus thought.

Enquiring minds want to know.


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I think you're getting mixed up here, my very good friend who is a Harley Street gynaecologist thoroughly recommends an application of minty toothpaste on your helmet before spearing your missus, makes her go like the clappers! Try it out and let me know!
Yes it does work and I can assure you that it does make your Missus go like the clappers!

I would also like to add that I love the curtains in your front room.


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Tom Jones used to claim you should dip your wee fella in mouth wash before use (same as the toothpaste I imagine)

Get a BJ from a bird with Space dust (the fizzing stuff) in her mouth

As to electronics my mates dad used to be an electrical genius
When the flat video packed up first thing he did was fill a sink full of water and wash it
Ran perfect after that


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