I’m a bit confused and worried

I have completed my joining process for the TA and completed my selection and passed, but then I got a phone call saying can you come up on Sunday I don’t know what it was for but I’m assuming it was to get my kit and stuff, then she phoned me again to say don’t becoming up on Sunday as there is a problem with your enlistment I had joined when I was 16 but dropped out of training regret it ever since but she said it hasn’t been confirmed from people in Scotland or something like that, she then asked me why did I leave I said it just wasn’t for me she then said did you leave on your own terms I said yes she said it shouldn’t be a problem and that she would contact me on Monday to keep me informed but hasn’t is there a problem or what? na cant sister still


Don't be.

Admin staff are wonderful, but they're human and they get things wrong and forget to ring people now and then.

The chances are they are waiting for a reply from Glasgow to check there was nothing suspicious when you left.

If there wasn't, you'll be fine.

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