Ok its not a Tank,Plane or Ship, but its in the equipment section, trying to find an AESP/Barloworld document for Hysters ie a first parade sheet, upcoming ECI soon and Ive been task with creating folders for an equipment Ive no idea about.
Speak to MHTU Bicester.
Barlow got taken over by Briggs. Having just had my ECI, nobody even mentioned our Hyster fleet. If there ever is a problem that need reporting i.e flat battery, then go to the web-site and that should help you. Somebody in your unit must be submitting the monthly hours run readings for all the Briggs hyster fleet you have. I know this because in my unit it is me.
The Cveh PFI stuff wont be ECI'd by the team (well they shouldnt be).
The ECI team up in my part of the world were only bothered about it being on the Lifting Appliance Register & that i had a copy of it's LOLER inspection report from Barlow/Briggs.

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