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Can anyone tell me where hyster courses and hyster instructor courses are held these days.
I know where they used to be conducted but i cant find any trace of it in the red all arms book.

Is it all civilian now? Im talking hysters and not FLRT. Can anyone enlighten me with a post or a pm?
DSMT in leconsfield run Hyster courses,which is civvy authorised and for about £15 quid they put you on the national register.
The civvy blokes who run it are are alright, the only downside is going to leccy.
PM me if you want the number for the bloke who runs the course.
Attending the Master Driver Conference at the moment as guest speaker so can tell you that accreidtation costs £10 and yes DST run loads of courses for both FLRT (Light) and Medium and also Hyster. Do both Instructor and Operator but cutting down on thoose doing it for resettlement.
How many different types of fork lift licences are there?

Where I am, one licence covers them all.
RTFL - rough terrain fork lift
Hyster 1000 (1 tonne)
Side loading hyster (careful, the physics are different)
Volvo (big fu ck off ones)

And loads more..... well, I did leave that trade in 97....
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