Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sully9641, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. anyone know what the diagnosis of hypothyroidism will mean for my army life?
    been on loads of sites, some say that its game over for me, others that if its controlled by medication i will be ok?
    im due to deploy on herrick 17 so my mod medical is gonna pick it up. will they bin me?
  2. You know who you could ask instead of randoms on the internet?

    Your Dr (I'm going to assume you're TA) or Chillwell
  3. booked into mo but not for two weeks, im ex para and yes im afraid now ta for my sins, just trying to get a heads up in advance
  4. While I can understand you wanting to get a heads up there is no point trying to second guess what the Dr will say. You'll either think you'll be fine and then be gutted when you're told you can't deploy, or, you'll get down because you think you can't deploy and have a miserable 2 weeks (depending how much you want to deploy of course) before being told you can deploy.
  5. 4 tours of ni one of bos first gulf im collecting t-shirts mate.....i know what your sayingbut rather than looking for rumours was hoping someone may have the same thing?
    cheers for replying anyway
  6. It's fine. You just go on the meds and then have regular blood tests. That is all!

    It may take up to 6 months to feel normal. Do plenty of research yourself as it's quite complex. You should be prescribed levothyroxine. But you won't get binned.
  7. How long before Bravo_Bravo declares he has it, so can't deploy.