Hypothetical Syrian attack on British SBAs (Cyprus)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wm1965, Aug 31, 2013.

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  1. Nuclear Doctrine has appeared frusty and irrelevant in the last couple of decades but I thought I'd dust off the information.

    If Syria uses chemical weapons against the US or US assets the US will not retaliate with nuclear weapons, however if Syria attacks British troops we will.

    The US has a started doctrine of no first use against NPT signatories (of which the Syrians are).

    Britain has no such compunction and Geoff Hoon is on record saying the use of chemical weapons against British troops will necessitate the use of nuclear weapons in retaliation. While we aren't getting directly involved in this one the Syrians should think twice about lobbing something at the quite close SBAs.

    It would be an interesting exercise trying to launch a 2-3 trident missiles - i.e. first having to warn Russia, China, France and the US as not to trigger cause an automatic response.
  2. Since we're having f*** all to do with Syria militarily, and given the fact that the US and viva la France is about to go ploughing in there with their own ordnance (and crap food) I should think Assad will probably be discussing that over dinner.

    Perhaps afterwards, when they've exhausted all other topics, such as how chimpanzees make remarkably funny faces with little or no provocation, they'll discuss the idea of launching a chemical warhead at Cyprus with the intention of getting us all riled up.

    They also might think something is amiss when the entire US presence vanishes in 24 hours, and the next morning a single white exhaust trail is the only thing in the sky along with a comical bomb-whistling sound.

    Actually thinking about it, it might do the middle east some good.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Tell the Syrians to crack on. It's about time the RAF Regiment earned a battle honour.
  4. Not another Syria thread its getting silly now.

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  5. Or as the Chinese would say, It's getting syria and syria.
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  6. I feel like starting a thread on boots.

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  7. If Syria decides to launch any form of attack on a Cyprus SBA the following reaction will take place:

    1. All Int Corps, RSIGS Spec Ops and RAF personnel posted there will shite their pants before rushing to the Med Center to be "excused war".

    2. All of the Cypriot LECs will slouch off base with their daysacks crammed with more stolen goods than normal.
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  8. Other pharmaceutical outlets are available.
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  9. Well, I'd say that they've taken their eye off the ball recently, and Superdrug and Lloyds Pharmacies pose stiff competition in some areas (although in my neck of the woods, a glance in the window of Superdrug suggests that they have the 'how can you not see that you are too large to wear leggings and the sleeve tattoo doesn't give you the air of feminine sophistication you were seeking' sector of the market sewn up, much to the relief of those who shop in Boots.)
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  10. What about Superdrug or better yet some of the independent shops. Shit beaten to it.
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  11. Clearly you live in my old neck-of-the-woods...
  12. Boots do charge ever so much for private prescriptions too.

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  13. I resent that statement, you ******!

    ...I'll be straight down Paphos and on the next EasyJet number.
  14. To be honest a Syrian attack on the SBAs would,not exactly come as much of a surprise seeing as JSSU are listening to all Syrian radio traffic and mobile phone calls.
  15. It's not as unlikely as you think, it's an RAF base and so eligible to be used as a NATO asset. While this isn't a NATO operation why can the French or US not use it?

    Britain didn't participate in the punitive strikes against Libya in the 1980s but the US did use British bases and we were kindly thanked* for it.

    *SBA attacked by RPG & mortars.