Hypothetical question?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tazzers, May 5, 2008.

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  1. A hypothetical question is one that is answered only in terms of validity, not soundness. Thus the question is designed to make a number of assumptions, and be answered as if those assumptions are true. So although this hypothesis is put in the context of a historical event I'm not sure it belongs here. However I am genuinely interested in any answers people have to give, it could make a cracking story.

    So here is the hypothesis.

    October 15, 1962 the Cuban Missile crisis reaches a climax and early on the 16th SAC and the V-Bombers fly, as do their Soviet counterparts and a nuclear weapons exchange takes place.

    Assuming that the world did not actually end and civilisation picked up the peices and carried on, what would Britain, the world and Britain's place in the world, look like today?

  2. assuming you mean that we (western) and they (eastern/commies) nuked each other to pieces, and by some miracle all life was not wiped out by nuclear radiation what would the outcome be.

    its a hard one and here is my hypothetical awnser...

    the developed nations of the world have essentially destroyed each other and billions are dead and vast stretches of land are now unihabitable,
    so therefore the economies of the world have collapsed and survivors are back to a dark ages of sorts (only with automatic weopons), savagery and barbarism are ripe, i.e. all leading nations are now 3rd world.

    less devoloped nations out of the way (such as african nations, and even some in the middle east) are now the dominant nations left, already volatile nations will further escalate and later begin wars of conquest in the the remains of some rare inhabitable areas.

    this civilisations will eventually destroy themselves when they decide to use nuclear materials on each other...leaving less uncontaminated land left.

    and all thats left is the eskimos.
    pretty bleak...
  3. The Eskimos would have dissapeared along with Canada. I'd say that the last surviving people would be the Falkland Islanders leaving them to re-populate - a world of Stills!
  4. true forgot how close they were.
    falkland islands-true
    but also the pacific islands and my afore mentioned nations that would destroy themselves in time.

    so most likely the happy island folk would be left standing, with not a white man to be found...

    unless they were already conquered by an invading african nation as i mentioned in my prediction.

    someone else please provide an alternative theory- mines dragging me down
  5. To be fair its an alternative theory I'm fishing for.

    Let me elaborate. These days if it kicked off the likelyhood of stopping an ICBM is still next to naught but back then just how many ICBMs existed? The nuclear detterrent was airborne and I feel less aircraft would get through than ICBMs.

    So assuming they got some major cities and some major military targets but by no means all and assuming that primarily airbursts were used which (I'm told) kick up less radiation............................................; put into this context how do you think things would be now, 46 years later?
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The world would have been a much less pleasant place for many reasons, but the biggest and most important one being that I would not be here. I was in Cuba on that date, and had the big buggers been dropped, I fear my suntan would have been even more extreme.
  7. oh...i was thinking ICBMs and lots of em
    right well in which case.
    the UK is far from russia so therfore i would like to think we would have had time to effectively react against a strike, so minor strategic damage would be inflicted upon us. the cold war would have turned into an actual war and into a world war...

    depending on how badly the us has been effected our chances against russia would be possible the might of the soviet army would kick the crap out of us if an allied invasion of russia were to take place (particularly because of the size of the USSR and its armies,
    also america would be on the defencive from cuba, russia, china and a host of other communist countries (assuming they joined) therefore reducing the aide we would receive from our strongest ally.

    an invasion on britain would most likely be repelled due to our superior naval forces. but im not sure about our RAF at the time.

    chances are it would result in an intense war over a long stretch of time probably resulting in a stalemate between us.

    although anything could have happened, depends on what we were to lose in the initial strikes...
  8. Well sure as eggs is eggs, we wouldn't be having Global Warming used to scare us!

    More seriously: Both sides had long range, fire and forget weapons but did rely more on aircraft delivery.

    I actually think that after the first few exchanges, the will to continue would dissipate quickly. There would have been an armistice, perhaps one that lasted for a couple of decades until the inevitable collapse of the Warsaw-Pact.

    Western Europe and much of the continental USA would have been turned into an agrarian state in the first exchanges. Those unaffected nations with large conventional forces would not have been able to do much militarily to increase their hegemonies.

    Forty years is four times what it would take for the really disastrous effects of a nuclear strike to have passed. The USA would re-build faster than Europe and both would re-emerge from the ashes faster than the Soviets.

    US Foreign policy would be dramatically affected by the experience of an attack upon continental USA. They'd return to their isolationist stance of pre-WWII, this would leave Europe to deal with a crumbling and conventionally dangerous Soviet Union.

    We're fecked!
  9. my hyperthtical answer would be a return to small waring tribes but with aks and not spears, but im still pretty sure the UK would have speeding cameras everywhere, them and cockroaches would survive a nuclear attack surely
  10. Regardless of the methods of delivery (land-based and submarine-fired missiles plus aerial bombs, artillery, etc), I suspect that enough from both sides would have made a bit of a mess of the Earth and its inhabitants.

    The film "Threads" gives a fairly good insight into what the future would have held in store.

  11. Spookily, before I read this thread I noticed,on the RBL poppy travel website, that RBL are now offering guided tours in Germany for us old Cold War types, including a tour of , quote, "the battlefields of WW3". Unquote. Oh, and you get to stay a night at Rheinsehlen camp too....ooohh goody, don't know how I've stayed away so long.....mumble, mumble, discontent.....