Hypothetical prospective Parliamentary candidate

Please select the candidate you would vote for

  • Gordon Brown

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  • Dave Cameron

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  • Nick Clegg

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  • Nick Griffin

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  • Maj Phil Packer

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  • Total voters
Much media discussion about the state of Parilament and our democratic processes. Values and standards are a theme that have almost risen to the surface.

It might be time for Arrsers to express their views.

Please select the candidate you would vote for
I would rather eat my own crap than vote for any of those wonkers
Please try again , probs editing the poll question
None of the above, from the one eyed jock to posh tory w@nker. Not worth the steam off my pi$$
Guy Fawkes. Or possibly V.

Herman Goering, if he could lose the drag act and work on his aim.
I would rather resurrect Ghenghis Khan and the Mongolian hoardes to come and rape, pillage,plunder, and rape (I like rape)rather than cast a vote for any of the above wnak stains :evil:
halomonkey said:
I take it some of the comments above were made before Phil was added to the list?
I recall an ex-Corps member <+> who was the Secreatary of some Right Wing Politburo; I could never understand him when he went south with Blashers. Equally I recall race fights in W'hampton. So apart from Phil, Airey Neave <+> and maybe Enoch. <+>.. perhaps Paddy or I D-S!!!

Anyone else??

Diddums. However will I sleep tonight?...
smartascarrots said:
Diddums. However will I sleep tonight?...
I have to agree with Halo Monkey here, suggest you stick with the ancient Chinese philosophy in your signature block and fluck off!

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