Hypothetical prospective Parliamentary candidate

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. Gordon Brown

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  2. Dave Cameron

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  3. Nick Clegg

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  4. Nick Griffin

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  5. Maj Phil Packer

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  1. Much media discussion about the state of Parilament and our democratic processes. Values and standards are a theme that have almost risen to the surface.

    It might be time for Arrsers to express their views.

    Please select the candidate you would vote for
  2. I would rather eat my own crap than vote for any of those wonkers
  3. Jeremy Clarkson or Chuck Norris.
  4. Please try again , probs editing the poll question
  5. I know it is early days for the Poll, but that nicew Mr. Brown does not seem to be getting many votes.
  6. None of the above, from the one eyed jock to posh tory w@nker. Not worth the steam off my pi$$
  7. Guy Fawkes. Or possibly V.

    Herman Goering, if he could lose the drag act and work on his aim.
  8. why can't i vote for myself? quite fancy having a second home at taxpayers' expense.

    subby, can you add me to the poll please? ;)
  9. I take it some of the comments above were made before Phil was added to the list?
  10. I would rather resurrect Ghenghis Khan and the Mongolian hoardes to come and rape, pillage,plunder, and rape (I like rape)rather than cast a vote for any of the above wnak stains :evil:
  11. Mr Bean.
    Can't be any worse than the idiots we have just now.
  12. Nope.
  13. I recall an ex-Corps member <+> who was the Secreatary of some Right Wing Politburo; I could never understand him when he went south with Blashers. Equally I recall race fights in W'hampton. So apart from Phil, Airey Neave <+> and maybe Enoch. <+>.. perhaps Paddy or I D-S!!!

    Anyone else??

  14. To those calling all of the above named ******* etc then you really are low lifes and not fit to be peed on by a junkie if u were on fire, as there is one man there who is better than you will ever be.
  15. Diddums. However will I sleep tonight?...