Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armyscrew, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. i think it is crazy how we at the nick have to lock people up for pathetic offences and yet one of our own breaches army discipline standards by having a few affairs and the bosses just laugh. no wonder the SUS get anti!! maybe its because he is a football ref and ex monkey???? when are the army gonna put the foot down and stop having different rules for different levels of rank???
  2. ermm can you enlighten us a bit more on the subject?
  3. Don't know, don't understand the question. bit of information required, like the story! :roll:
  4. Football Ref, ex Monkey, MCTC - I know someone who fits that category!
  5. I believe armyscrew is telling us that one of the Military Provosts at MCTC Colchester is known to have infringed the Code of Social Conduct by having an affair (presumably with the spouse of another Provost or even a Soldier Under Sentence [SUS]), but the hierarchy have chosen to ignore the incident because the individual in question is a "good egg".

    Sadly, we can write policy directives and instructions until we're blue in the fingers but if commander's choose to ignore them there is little else that the chain-of-command can do. I am always infuriated by such events (*cough*Hussars*cough*) and by officers and Warrant Officers who think that the rules do not apply as one rises in the hierarchy.

    There is very little that you can do in such a case. At the very least, you can informally report your disappointment and frustration to your commanders. If they have a shred of honour, they may be chastened enough to do something. Honour, however, seems to be in short supply these days.

    To be fair, however, it may be that there are circumstances of which you aren't aware that have informed this decision. Often in these cases, the sordid little details will leak out in whispers and gossip, but the whole story doesn't make it into the rumour mill.

  6. It would appear that collie isn't the only place where this goes on. At my local, there was a wives punch up at a cpls mess do, due mainly to the amount of pad shagging on the patch. Headshed not interested - too busy covering up the or who glassed an officer at the pub or the senior(s) who've decked blokes. I thought those days were supposed to have gone! what are we coming to? blokes signing off all over the shop, not to mention the chain who are sick of it. what can be done?
  7. Could start by acting like adults and stop marrying chavs :?

  8. In the words of Groucho Marx:

    "Military justice is to justice what military music is to music."
  9. Anyone else see the RAF Queen's Colour Squadron doing formation drill at the Tattoo to the tune of "Tragedy" by the BeeGees as played by a military band? Who says the junior Service doesn't have style?

  10. a little idea they must have picked up from the gay parade in manchester........ what do you do for a living mate

  11. They call it 'continuity drill'.

    The only continuity I can see in it is that it's crap at the start and crap at the finish.
  12. QCS is also 63 Sqn RAF Regt, and were deployed on Op Telic 1. The continuity drill display is not their primary function. I abhor the playing of pop music by military bands I have also seen it done by the woodentops (though they were not able to manage drill to it - just marching), and even the Piccadilly Cowboys band.

    I look forward to seeing the RAMC drill display team... :lol:
  13. It reached its nadir when I came out to hear the bands playing the theme tune of 'Eastenders' prior to a Guard mount at Buckingham Palace.

    Words failed me.
  14. Surely a New Labour plot? No Director of Music in his right mind would allow such drivel.