Hypocritical Kids

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by allgone2ratsh1t, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. Whilst taking my toned athletic stumpy torso around a couple of half marathons (the running variety as opposed to the edible variety) recently children were seen by competitors to be handing out sweets to us (the competitors). Now we as competitors would by definition be strangers to these children and yet if we were seen to be handing out sweets to children we would be labelled pervs.
    I find it disgraceful that if an adult wishes to innocently hand out sweets to a child he/she doesnt know said adult is immediately arrested and the full weight of the law is used and yet if kids offer strangers sweets its "Oh isnt that sweet and kind. That child is handing out sweeties to thise strangers".
  2. Time to give up marathons asI think the thumping of your feet on the ground and the dehydration, not to mention the sugar rush from the sweets, has addled your brain.
  3. It's because they fancied you...
  4. The next time they offer you sweets take one and start screaming 'stranger danger'. The authority's will take you seriously and ask you to show them where on the doll you were inappropriately touched.

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  5. Also bear in mind those sweets are the ones the kids have had in their mouths then decided they don't like, or they may have been dipped in rat poison.
  6. Don't talk absolute bollocks, you only get arrested if you get caught. Hide the bodies well and you will get away with it for years.