To be honest I always thought hypnosis was a load of bollocks and that Paul Mckenna was a fake, everyone involved was an actor and it was bullshit just like the freaks on telly who claim to talk to dead people... I've just watched Top Gear though, the one where they hypnotise the Hamster so he can't remember how to drive a car. I'm now convinced that he couldn't have faked it and that hypnosis must actually be real.

So... A hypothetical situation. If you, dear arrsers, were given the powers of hypnosis who would you hypnotise and what would you get them to do?

The obvious one is to hypnotise a load of hot slags, get them all back to your place and convince them to do utterly despicable sex acts and then get them to believe shoving a cucumber up their bum whilst lezzering it up is the best thing ever.

There's more though, you've got the ability to hynotise anyone! What about your boss? The people you don't like? Let's hear all the dirty deeds you'd do!

Look into my eyes...

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