Link there for anyone who doesnt know what it is, for those who can't be arrsed to read, its the medical term for double jointed

Got told at selection I am 'slightly' hypermobile. Aparantly this could be a problem during basic. If I exhibit any pain in my joints I could be dropped straight away. Apparantly.

Anyone else been told similair? Would be interested to hear if it has affected training, especially B1 and how you have got round/coped etc...
A number of my joints are hypermobile. The main problem is that I injure more easily and of course basic training is a difficult time to have to rest! Now I'm no doctor but the following is what I've found to be useful.

My best advice is to listen to your body. Where you have control over your training rate, don't try to do to much too soon as you will end up damaging something and moving backwards. If you find something is a bit painful, ice and ibuprofen and try to avoid placing too much strain on that area for a while. Develop a very varied training routine so you dont feel like you can't train if you have say an injured knee etc. Swimming is great for when you are carrying an injury if you push yourself properly.

One important point is that strenghening the joints will make them less likely to damage. Also, always stretch, maybe even consider yoga or pilates as it will help with strengthening and flexibility. I also found a really good physio!
I am hypermobile and it has caused no problems whatsoever. Build up your muscles so as to better support your joints.
Cheers guys,

Training is usually in the form of strength based, will have a look at the yoga though, could be a good idea. Have never really had any problems, but then, I doubt I have ever been under the same stress I will receive at basic!

Should be seeing a physio soon, have been told he is good, the missus used to use him when she raced, so we shall see how that goes

Am stockpiling brufen too, just incase!

Thanks again
Stockpiling Brufen? I guess you're joking right?

Careful with that stuff. They ain't smarties. Although they are/were the drug of choice for lots of soldiers and medics.
Im not trying to insult your intelligence , so don't pop too many of them they will eat a hole in your stomach lining. Take with or after food.
My pharmacology isn't tip top but IIRC you can't take if you have an allergy to aspirin.

Seek advice from a physioterrorist, quack or gym queen.
Haha, yes mate, I was half joking!

Dont usually keep them at home to be honest, so by stockpiling, I am just making sure I have a couple of packs to throw on the case if required!
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