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Now the (excellent!) new theme is in place, this is happening (for me, at least!)

When a standard hyperlink is placed, it if fairly obvious, due to the text colour changing to green, as seen here:

However, if you post it as a URL with a link, as part of your post, it is not obvious where your link actually is unless your mouse hovers over it - as indicated here:

I can barely see the hyperlink, unless I hover over the "Bone Stats" text, which is where it is.

Can the colours of linked texts be changed to make them a bit more obvious please?
I have noticed the same problem Fugly. Couldn't really see the link i posted last night and am now wondering how many i may have missed in other people's posts.

You may considerably enhance your hyperlinks and make them moe obvious to the recipients of your post if you first highlight your link by right-clicking your mouse, running over the link and then clicking on the (B) button on the top left hand side of the menue.

Repeat the same exercise but instead of moving to the (B) again, go right to the box marked: 'default', and use the drop-down menue to choose your colour.

This is what a link looks like in the normal default colour set for the board. As you can see, it is barely discernable.

Now this is what the same link looks like when you highlight it using the (B) on the left-hand side of the menue. As you an see, it is considerably enhanced.

Now the same link again, using dark blue as the standard recognised colour of a hyperlink from your drop-down menue. (I tend to use maroon on my posts)

If you use the standard blue, you can then simply work in your hyperlink into the standard sentences in your post without having to identify a hyperlink by using the words 'click' or 'clicky' or 'here' thus, if you post a sentence dealing with the Armed Forces Act 2006 it is a simple matter to just work it into a sentence making it obvious that a link exists for people to click on.

In summary. First type title of your link. Second, highlight it, Third, colour it, fourth, set your link up on the outer edges of the symbols that appear on either side of all the symbols. Fifth, use the preview button to test your link, sixth, post!

I suggest you have a few attempts using this hread, you can always use the delete button to eradicate your posts when you are satisfied you have got it right.

Hope this helps.


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