Picked up an injury a few weeks ago which wouldn't go away so booked myself into a local physio. The guy is ex mob with 20+ years experience in physiotherapy (most of which was in the military) according to his website. He quickly identifies the pain comming from my hamstring, starts therapy so happy days. Until he does a quick check over my legs and says in a rather disturbed tone that he is shocked at the amount of hyperextention in both of my legs and he kept on about it. I'm well aware that my legs are slightly twisted but it's not caused me too many dramas before. At the end of my consultation he went into detail about what damage this hyperextention will do to me and that running and tabbing is extremely bad for me and will eventually fcuk me up big style.

This has got me a bit concerned.

Can anyone in the know shed some light on this? Is he doing the usual doctor thing and giving me the worst case scenario so I wont go back to him throwing blame in his direction and realistically I'll be ok? Or is he talking sense and really my body isn't going to put up with running and tabbing?

I'm in the "carry on" frame of mind. It's not caused me any problems before so I'll crack on but obviously if I'm wrong then this has the possibilty of really coming back to bite me in the arrse.

Thanks for replies


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