Hyde Park Bomb Suspect Bailed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by UberMong, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - IRA Hyde Park bomb: John Downey granted bail

    A man accused of murdering four British soldiers in the 1982 IRA Hyde Park bomb has been given conditional bail.
    John Anthony Downey, 61, of County Donegal, Ireland, is charged with the murders of Roy John Bright, Dennis Richard, Anthony Daly, Simon Andrew Tipper and Geoffrey Vernon Young.
    The four Household Cavalry members were killed as they rode through the London park to Buckingham Palace.
    His trial date has been put back to 14 January 2014, the Old Bailey heard.
    Mr Downey was arrested at Gatwick Airport in May.
    The bomb that Mr Downey is charged with planting was the first of two that caused carnage in London on that July day.
    In the first incident, a nail bomb in a blue Austin car was detonated as the Household Cavalry members made their way from their barracks in Knightsbridge to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
    Four men and seven horses were killed and a number of police officers and civilians were injured.
    In the second explosion, less than two hours later, seven Royal Green Jackets bandsmen in a Regent's Park bandstand were killed.

    If I recall correctly from reading his book ACAB was heavily involved in the immediate aftermath?
  2. This guy is originally from County Clare. He was a senior 'player' in the England Department of PIRA at that time under the control of Owen Coogan. Other team members were Tommy Quigley, Paul Kavanagh, Pat Magee ( not to be confused with Dingus Magee) and Pat Murray. They did a bit of murdering between them all.

    "Let right be done"
  3. Now you've made me annoyed. I never thought I'd hear that shits' name again. The Ballymurphy B2 gun team - allegedly. However I reserve most of my wrath for that ****er Mandelson who organised a Royal Prerogative for them. I hope God has some extraordinarily painful end to their existences in mind - including the rest of the B2 gun team.
  4. not forgetting Mandy...

    Not sure ACAB was involved in that one, rather the nail bombing near the Orange Brewery... Horrific photos from each are seared on my mind. As to the blokes that survived, I pray that they have managed to get over it and rebuild their lives.

    RIP the slain.
  5. My bad english mate - I was spluttering at the time. I meant mcgee and mandy - and the rest of the gun team.
  6. Will this guy, assuming he's found guilty, get released automatically under the GFA?
  7. In this sad day and age, yes. He will probably then go on to sue us for infringements on his right to enjoy life, while being pursued!
  8. You can bet your arse under the GFA the Provos will have had his name on a list of those likely to get lifted in the future so they wanted concessions on any sentence later awarded post GFA.
  9. Interesting comment.
    He was initially profiled, as in tv language equivalent of an 'all points bulletin' in the '80's and his photo published in the SB points of entry at the time with a view to arrest him on sight. He was a known player. He managed to evade, though his 'career' was well documented. The 'system' published his name at the time in order to deflect interest away from Sean O' Callaghan who was one of our agents. Sean currently appears in London university circles and occasional tv news spots as a commentator on NI 'history' matters.
  10. Yes. The crime happened before the GFA so he will have to do the 2 year minimum sentence to be considered and then released.
  11. Hopefully so :) :)
  12. My pound to anyone who like's penny... He walks away.
  13. So let's get this clear, he is alleged to have put a massive bomb in central London, that could have killed many more people, actually by luck only kills 4 soldiers. He goes on the run for 30 years. Openly flaunts his membership of an organisation that is illegal in UK and Ireland and publicly and repeatedly pledges his support for terrorism.

    Yet a UK judge thinks he is a suitable candidate for bail pending his trial for murder! Am I the only person who doubts 55K bail and an electronic tag are going to stop him doing a runner? And the judiciary wonders why British people have lost faith in the legal system?
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  14. The Judge must be a fan of the term 'Freedom Fighter'.
  15. The Judge must be a fan of the term 'Freedom Fighter'.