Hyde Park Bomb - Man charged

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brotherton Lad, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Good to see that they've identified the bastard, but under the Good Friday agreement he'll serve no time. And the general public will still be more outraged that he killed and injured some horses than about the men who died.
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  3. A few of my mates were injured in that.Its taken its time coming we`ll have to see the outcome. I agree he`ll serve very little or no time. :(
  4. What's the point in charging him now?

    Little or no real punishment will be awarded and the Met get to add another tick in the closed and successful prosecution file.

    They should have found this bloke at the time and prosecuted him then.

    Waste of time and resources and for what exactly? Closure for the relatives? Do me a favour, how are they going to fell when the sentence is handed down.
  5. He may have been charged, but CPS probably won't prosecute as it won't be in the public interest.
  6. Whatever happened to Sefton?

  7. They should take the Guidon staff - the one with a wedding ring embedded in it - and turn the bastard into a lollipop.
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  8. Well that's his ticket to fame, he'll doubtless be welcomed back in louth by Gerry Adams the receive a hero's standing ovation at the next Sinn Fein party conference.
  9. My understanding of the GFA is that short sentances and early release only applied to scum charged before 1998.
    I hope this guy is given life and spends the rest of his natural trying to avoid Big Ron in the showers.
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  10. That was a day with memories.

  11. I hope your understanding of the GFA is correct and this scumbag See's out his days inside.
    Alas highly likely events turn out differently.
  12. He'll get next to no sentence. That's if he's prosecuted at all and even then, if he's found guilty.

    I have that much faith in the NI Justice system when it comes to the word 'justice' used in conjunction with republican terrorists.
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  13. Nothing to do with NI. He will be tried in Westminster after being charged by the Met.(mind you I don't have much faith in them either)
  14. It all boils down to if as others have said on here whether the GFA applies to this. if so waste of time and this scumbag will reappear giving clenched fist salutes to likeminded low lifes.

    IF the GFA does not apply he stands to get a very long sentence if found guilty lets hope!!!
  15. I've just finished re-reading it, I came to the same opinion. The release of prisoners has nothing to do with future trials in England for crimes commited in England.

    I hear kent police are trying to round up the Guilford four just in case!