Hybrid Spartan/Scimitar

It's kind of cute. I suppose it has a bit more room inside than Scimitar. More room for stores etc. I wonder if the back door is still functional and if the turret crew can get in and out without having to go through the top hatches (reduced signature when in a static position)
Very interesting!

Personally, I would have preferred to see the turret slapped on Stormer HVM. Partly because the chassis has a bit more muscle, and partly because it would piss off the Gunners!

I'm not convinced that a better weapons fit for light armoured vehicle of this kind wouldn't be a dual 40mm GMG/ 0.50" HMG fit like the USMC AAV-7 rather than 30mm Rarden - especially in the context of the COE.

Would also be nice to see us retain some 'baby tracks' to complmeent SV when it arrives.
I suggested ages ago.

A unmanned turret with a 25/30mm chain gun. Co-ax 7.62 with dual feed (4b1t and 1ap1b). An added bonus of a twin ATGM tubes.

Surveilance equipment would be on a scissor lift halo that would raise 2 meters in order to view things.
They really should have tried harder and got that turret onto a Sultan or Samaritan. Oh and btw there was a prototype Spartan IFV once; remote overhead 30mm and a couple of firing ports in each side. No-one bought it.


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Thats not a spoiler you muppet. Its a sunshade so it doesn't get to hot for the crew
Sunshade? FFS have they removed the aircon from CVR(T) then? Hot day on the North German Plain, people used to look askance at me in full Noddy kit including mask, unaware at just how cooling the aircon was when it was forced through the respirator.

It helped that the only 2 Clansman NBC mikes I ever saw quickly disappeared off the books and into my personal possession so that driver and I could talk properly on the air whilst still having cold air blown over our faces.

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