Hybrid cars - what are they like then?


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Well its coming to that time when my trusty steed is going to have to go. My once gleaming toyota avensis that went really quite quickly is nearing the end of its life as various whirring noises start to emerge from under the bonnet. What was once a snarl of acceleration has become a cough and a splutter louder than an RLC PFT.
I cannot deny it has done me well, nearly 200, 000 miles on the clock on a 52 plate and has only ever reall had to replace worn items - brakes, wipers etc and the fan belt once.

I am looking at a hybrid car to replace, such as the auris, but know little about them? my 90 mile daily commute has become a 6 mile one (the other 150+ miles are done on train and foot but thats another matter). My understanding is that the electric engine works at low speeds so is more economical for urban driving, which is what my 6 miles consist of.
Are Hybrid cars worth it? Are they reliable? do you save money on fuel?

Yes, i know its 2 in the morning on a saturday/sunday night, and actually no i dont have anything better to do, if i watch much more porn i am goin to get friction burns.
They are fixed speed variable noise. The Doris has a Honda hybrid which has no guts. Put your foot down and hope the mini in the inside lane will let you in.

In simple terms they are shit. Sure they are good on fuel but as interesting to drive as, well nothing. But you get lots of time to look at those windmills while you are going so slow.

But you can let her drive and buy a Ducati for yourself :eek:)
Have a look at a Lexus Rx400/450. Very reliable, very fast (petrol engine and electric motors work in tandem if you put your foot down hard) and economical considering its got a 3.3L petrol engine.
The Auris hybrid is worth a look, I found it to be quick enough if a bit heavy, economical enough if not to small diesel standards, bland in the interior but not uncomfortable and very well made. It's essentially the same car as the Lexus 200h, feels a bit roomier inside and doesn't have the Lexus toys though looking around you may well pay 5 grand or more less for the Auris. It uses the same powertrain as the Prius IIRC. Seriously considering for next car, though the idea of a Fiat Panda for the shopping and a Triumph Tiger for the soul is gaining traction....
We had a Prius as a duty officer car. Lacking in power, heavy, slow, poor fuel economy (averaged 36 MPG, driving exactly as I would have in my normal car).

They don't save you any money, and give a bit of a 'look at how much more I care about the environment than you do' impression.

Any day of the week, i'd go for a modern diesel - excellent MPG, and wipe the floor with hybrids.

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