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Hvm s13?

Question for all the air defenders out there - Javelin I'm fairly sure was S15, however to settle an argument I maintain HVM was S13, however my mate seems to remember it being designated S19. Any clarification? I haven't been near a weapon system in 7 years, hence the brain mong in asking the question.
The only alternative designation I am aware of is the commercial branding, Starstreak. It would be surprising if HVM, which was after-all a Javelin S15 replacement, was designated S13 but then it is/was made in Belfast! Hopefully some AD GCC graduate will provide the definitive answer soon.


While not the bee all and end all, I just did some googling and cannot get a link to S13 or S19 in reference to HVM/Starstreak, whereas S15 does get hits for Javelin.

I'm not a cloud puncher, but only ever had it referred to as HVM.

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