HVM or Rapier


i start basic in 1 weeks time at pirbright and im going to go on to train as an Artillery Command Systems Operator, i went and signed my contract this wednesday and the recruiting officer was in 47 regiment and recommended i ask for 47 regiment which is HVM (apparently converting into phoenix)
and i like the idea, but ever since i started the recruiting process i was always interested in the rapier units, and i thought if i post here someone could explain to me the pros n cons of being in either regiments.
anything on either regiments would be helpful. thanks.

Edit: after just reading a post on 47 reg and how AD is boring, if u guys have any other regiments you'd recommend id be willing ot look into it.


HVM every time! its a no brainer! ease of use and deployment.


have you not thought about field Artillery?
You could go for Rapier - If you want to spend most of your time on the range waiting for the system to be fixed or 50% of the missiles failing.

Otherwise you could go and fire the best SAM in the world in the HVM.


It doesn't have to be AD, i like the look of MLRS, not to keen on AS90 for some reason.
Any other recommendations? I'm all ears

So far 47 reg HVM is most likely, but i heard its changing into phoenix (or watchkeeper, i think...)

anyone know much about life with the phoenix?
OK, I have experience in UAV, MLRS and now HVM so might be able to help.

Anyone who works on the guns will always say they are more fun than everywhere else and how everything else is boring, but that’s the army for you. I have to admit that the benefits on working in a Gun Regt are obvious, you get to do the job a lot, the issue with AD, MLRS and UAV is that you do a lot of “Dry” Training, that is without actually firing or flying, this is mostly because of cost, how much is HE compared to a 50 grand missile ? Also you need to remember that you can’t fire missiles off where and when you want (not saying the guns can) so you have to wait for firing camps in god awful windswept ranges in Jockland (or similar) UAV fares slightly better in the sense that you can fly Phoenix in places like Salisbury Plain, but can still be quite expensive. But it doesn’t mean its all boring

AD: I would take HVM over Rapier simply due to in action time, SP or LML is very quick compared to Rapier FSC which involves lots of cables, HVM is a lot more mobile, especially the tracked SP version, however both of them do mean buzzing about the area, rock up to location, set up, look at the sky and do bugger all till its time to move. But it does mean you work independently from the rest of the Battery and you Det can be a great place to work.

MLRS: Nice big vehicles that you tear up the countryside with, however the crew of MLRS is 3 so if you have a troop with 3 launchers (or is it 4 ???) then that 9 (12) of the troop accounted for, where are the rest ? Ahh yes that’s it, driving DROPS. Effectively you have 3 roles there, the guys banging about in the MLRS, the truck drivers dropping off rockets and the Command Post guys co-ordinating it. But I have to say that when its running smoothly you don’t have time to get bored, again these roles are fairly independent working in very small teams.

UAV: These are the hot item to be in at the moment with op tours galore, when I was in there was only 2 Btys that had them, now they are converting a second Regt (47), well that’s not entirely true, 2 Btys are re-roling for a 2 year period to cover operation dependencies, but is it fun ? Really depends on what you do, Phoenix is very vehicle heavy and again there are lots of DROPS trucks and it requires a lot of manpower as well, the guys who launch it, the guys who recover it, the guys who replen it, the guys who “fly” it and the guys who analyse what its found, the downside is that your role is fairly wrapped around the one job, so if you work in Recovery you spend a lot of time driving a RB44 around looking for crashed planes, is it fun ? Depends on what floats your boat. I may be wrong but I think that 47 is re-roling to Desert Hawk not Phoenix anyway, I believe that Desert Hawk is a lot less dependent on vehicles and manpower, but I may be wrong.


Thats exactly the type of info i needed welly, im almost certain i'll go with 47 reg and hopefully get to work with the desert hawk, im going for artillery command systems, so i doubt ill be running around looking for crashed planes or driving DROPS in anything i do.
Thanks ALOT for that info welly, very helpful.
Start basic in 6 days!
I'm abit nervous about my fitness level but to be honest its been such a long build up to starting basic i just want to get stuck in and get on with it.
Thanks again

Definitely give rapier a miss, it's utter pish. As the other guys said, HVM if you have to go AD but it's a dying trade at the moment, though it was about the only expanding trade back in the options for change days.
Just thought that you may be interested in my new book `Watching Men Burn` its about my role as a Rapier Missile operator in the Falklands War. I have read a lot of Bull on the internet after the war about Rapier kills some as ridiculous as two. I want to put the record straight and conform that T bty shot down 14 enemy aircraft with six probable. I shot two down at San Carlos an A4 Skyhawk and a Mirage, sadly the kit let us down at Fitzroy and the subsequent loss of the Galahad with large loss of life. In our defence we did warn HQ that we were having problems at San Carlos with our tracker head but we were still sent. You can order my book at my Blog http://rogue-gunner.blogspot.com/

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