Huzzah! for little fat, speccy blokes ......................

#1 of whom I met today.

I've just been for an interview and the HR manager was, indeed, a little, fat speccy bloke.

The guy is not ex-Mil, TA or even CCF. I cast him a glance and ignored the weeble.

However, during the chat about 'And what is your background, Baseplate?' he suddenly perked up when I mentioned H4H.

Turns out the little, fat speccy bloke is an avid supporter of his local RBL and helped organise a sponsored 3-miler for H4H this year. Next year he's looking to wind it up to 7 miles and get more people involved. He also does his time with the Poppy tray and other supportive stuff.

Now, balance this chap against the chavtastic flubs in 'Another outing for the outrage bus' and you dare to think that maybe - just, maybe - there is a glimmer of hope for UK plc. So, Huzzah! again for all the other little, fat speccy blokes (and blokesses) :D
Huzzah! for him indeed (and for all like him).

Sadly, Baseplate, taking the time and effort to do something to help someone else means that he's very much in a minority these days.


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There is a great deal to be said for little fat, speccy blokes. Especially if they are old. And hairy.
Huzzah indeed. How else would the supply chain function if not for B Ech.

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