Hutton Report

It could actually work against him. We all know they are as guilty as a puppy sat next to a pile of poo. Hopefully the populus will vote with their feet and lob these bunch of lying toerags out.

They make the Conservatives of the late 80's/early 90's look like Salvation Army king pins.
Isn't it convienient that the reporter who wrote on the leaked document refuses to name his source, but will confirm that the person in question is not a current member of the standing reigieme... sorry government!

Leaves a few candidates: campbell and mandelson to start the list!
:twisted: :?
Bottom line is that a "Secret" document has been leaked. What would happen if service personnel did that ? I suggest an immediate investigation and the source identified.

I does give us yet another insight into the minds of the people running this country. Solve a problem about leaks by leaking the "Secret" report!

Shows that they think Hutton is largely irrelevant, but I don't think that this is the end of it.
Mr Kavanaghs comments are interesting political control of the beeb being one passed on. Maybe if one Of Tone's mates hadn't bee appointed to the board of govonors they would have sorted the problem out.
I like the second guessing of the motives of a man who is dead and therefore can't answer back.
If the leak provided what is actually on the report (and i hope it hasnt, Blair needs to go) then Howard is demanding a police investigation in to it, leaking of supposedly secret documents to the press, either way someones in the brown and smelly.
either way someones in the brown and smelly.
Do you really think so? I don't. One of the characteristics of this government is the inability to take responsibility for anything. No one is going to be shat on for this...
Unfortunately, I have a horrible feeling that we're going to be stuck with this decaying government for another year...
Bring on the General Election!
we need Liz to give a vote of no confidence. but as macks said, were going to be stuck with this bunch of lying clowns for another year. :cry:
anybody else think that Bliar's going to buy the Sun for the next election by trashing the BBC? And this is the perfect excuse. What gets me is that Gilliagans report was far more accurate and better researched than almost any story the Sun has published in the last twenty years. At least the BBC has been fairly self critical over this matter if Murdoch gets his way all broadcast news will be of the same quality as his cringe-worthy "Fox news" empire.
yes but fox new backed the war and the beeb was balanced about the war.
it will be interesting to watch how tone replaces him without controvosy.

The basic problem is that the govonors are political appointees.
I wonder who's next?

No one from the BBC should have resigned at all.
Davies' replacement could be Sir Howard Davies who was in the frame for the job before his namesake. He is not necessarily Bliarite but got his knighthood for doing Gordon Brown's bidding in the City.

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