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Early statements

Lord Hutton says he has decided that the question of whether intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction justified going to war fell outside the scope of his inquiry
Think I'm going to phone my broker , and buy shares in Dulux.
spineless t**t (Hutton not PTP)
No point watching...... just ordered a steyr mannlicher a bag of rust and a box to stand on... :D
Lord Hutton said he could not rule out the possibility that John Scarlett, chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, subconciously made the wording in the government's dossier on Iraq's WMD "somewhat stronger" than it would normally have been
Words fail me
Sandy, nothing in the inbox, could you resend?

Just turned the feed off , no revelations, frankly, a bit boring now.
Is anyone surprised that this is turning out to be just another very expensive New Labour distraction/bluffing exercise?

Hutton's boss is the Lord Chancellor, a Bliarite bully-boy henchman if ever there was one; Hutton is hardly likely to jeopardise his future by reporting impartially.

Gilligan's accusations are said to be 'an attack on the integrity of the government itself'. I look forward to seeing evidence that this government possesses any integrity whatever.
Blair on the offensive in Parliament now

Waiting for Howard to get to his feet :)
A complete and utter load of drivel, I was naive enough to believe that the truth would come out.

Silly me, with such a restricted remit, there was no chance :roll:
all he comment is that Howard is in the wrong now over the alligations he made. Or is the Beeb just toading to the govt. The suprise at the BBC criticism is interesting from some of te commentaors.
It's utter shit. "I stand by the Prime Minister's decision"! It's not a judge's place to stand by the prime minister or any other politician. Especially not in the context of an inquiry! The job of a judge is to enquire and then make a dispassionate, impartial judgment - it's not a question of loyalty, and "standing by" someone (cue Dolly Parton tits and violins) is just that.

Jesus. What hope left?
can anyone name a law lords report theat criticized the government of the day?
Loved the comment from a Labour back-Bencher tonight

"It's so one sided, the public aren't going to believe it"

Have just seen Robin Cook spitting nails on C4 News. He believes the whole shooting match has achieved it's aim, which is to take the public's attention away from why we went to war in the first place.

Margaret Beckett was next up, wearing the regulation smarmy grin, so adored by acolytes of the Dark Lord.

What hope is there indeed? Oh well, there is always tomorrows papers. Except the Sun that is.
Isn't the "Caravan Queen" boss of the Department for the Eradication of Farming and Rural Activities? What the * does Hutton have to do with her? Mind you she presided over the Foot and Mouth whitewash so perhaps she was called in to advise.

I know my English is poor, but changing "may be able to..." to "are able to deploy in 45 minutes" really changes the meaning of the sentence and consequently the whole immediacy of the WMD issue. Hutton basically said that this change did not amount to a "sexing up" of the dossier, what the hell does? Furthermore he goes on to say that such a change is acceptable when dealing with the public, is he suggesting that the entire nation apart from spooks and politicos is too stupid to tell the difference between "may be" and "are"? Stinking smarmy lawyer. :x

Lord Hutton- soon to be appointed to a very lucrative directorship at News International.
'Stinking smarmy lawyer' sums it up in a nutshell. All the time Blair was responding to questions about the dossier with 'wait and see', he probably knew that while Hutton had exercised great scope during the inquiry, his verdict would be confined to the specifics of Dr. Kelly's death. For opponents of the war, it was the revelations during that enquiry, tangential as they were to Hutton's basic remit, that mattered most. Those opponents mostly missed a trick and allowed Blair to buy himself more time. Fair play to Robin Cook, he's been saying for a while that this was all a distraction, and he was right. Now, the important thing is to secure a proper investigation into the dossier's lamentable claims. I, for one, would also like to know why all those headlines about WMDs being deployable in 45 minutes weren't refuted by the government at the time, considering they admitted to the enquiry that the weapons referred to were not WMDS. Other than the fact that it suited them to let the exaggerated claims go uncorrected, of course...

BTW hi, nice site you got here :)
Congratulations Lord Hutton, you have managed to do exactly what Bliar expected of you and distracted everbody from the real questions.

You do realise that Bliar will now use this as his "get out of jail" card from now on whenever anybody mentions his actions in the run up to the war. He will demand, in his smarmy b*stard way, that no more is said because "...he's been cleared by Hutton"

Don't get me started on that shitebag Campbell, just about threw the telly out the window lastnight whilst he was strutting at his press conference :evil:
Disappointing result for those like me who were hoping HMG would get a pasting. Yes, there was a lot in what Hutton said in his televised reading that leaves cynics thinking he was soft as sh1t on the Bliar, Buff etc. It seems unlikely he has an eye on his own future as, had he not already retired when he was "recalled" to hold the enquiry?

Nice to see Andrew (ate all the pies) Gilligan and the BBC getting a good slagging. :lol:

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