Hutton inquiry witness list unveiled

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 8, 2003.

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    A friend of Dr David Kelly has been named as the first witness to give evidence at the inquiry into the events surrounding the weapons expert's death.
    Terence Taylor, from the Institute for Strategic Studies in Washington, will be called on Monday, when the inquiry begins hearing from witnesses at the Royal Courts of Justice.

    He will be followed by Richard Hatfield, personnel director at the Ministry of Defence and Dr Kelly's line manager.

    It is likely Mr Hatfield will be asked to give greater details about exactly what Dr Kelly's job was and the extent of his role in drawing up last September's dossier on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction

    List of witnesses

    Terence Taylor
    Richard Hatfield - MoD
    Julian Miller - Cabinet Office
    Marin Howard - MoD
    Patrick Lamb - Foreign Office
    Andrew Gilligan - BBC
    Susan Watts - BBC
    Gavin Hewitt - BBC
    Richard Sambrook - BBC
    Brian Wells - MoD
    John Williams - Foreign Office

    So, the BBC main players, and some middle ranking civil servants

    Conspicuous by their abscence are.......
  2. Now, there's a surprise..........Not!!

    :evil: :evil:
  3. I've seen less rigging on the Cutty Sark

    Watch out for the BBC getting zapped big style, and softened up before certain other players join the fray, if they join at all
  4. Firstly

    Hearty congratulations to Susan Watts, for keeping her eye out on opportunites for employment after the BBC.

    Feel free to defend her Jake :D

    "The tape wore out" excellent , very good Susan, you gutless cow. I don't suppose you made a back up then?

    Transcripts are all here , something that seemed to have escaped the media's attention, is the naming of Chalibi in a "Gossipy" context in relation to WMD's.
    Wonder what that could be?

    Now latest news breaking, is Buff ordered Kelly to face the inquiry. Oh dear.

    Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon over-ruled his most senior civil servant to order Dr David Kelly to appear before MPs investigating the Iraq weapons row, the Hutton inquiry has heard.
    And it also emerged that Dr Kelly told a senior Foreign Office official that he had spoken to the BBC's Andrew Gilligan before the reporter's controversial broadcast about the weapons dossier.

    The inquiry into Dr Kelly's death is hearing from officials from the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office on its fourth day.

    A series of memos showed that Ministry of Defence permanent secretary Kevin Tebbit had recommended that Dr Kelly should not have to appear before the Commons foreign affairs committee.

    But Mr Hoon's office argued that it would be "presentationally" difficult if Dr Kelly did not give evidence to the committe

    "Presentationally" difficult ? Is this , like errrr more fcuking spinning?
  5. I would'nt trust that shower of rabble in power,
    with putting the rubbish out or anything else as mundane.
    They are clearly well out of their league of competence.

    Very sad, still I hear Bodecia, is on the reserve list to sort them out. :x
  6. PTP - From the expert witness to the inquiry ....

    20 Q. Is there anything further that you can tell us about the
    21 enhancement process?
    22 A. Only that the micro cassette tape that was produced was
    23 fairly poor quality, in terms of its audibility, and we
    24 worked quite hard to get that enhancement on to the CD.

    Susan simply quoted a fact .... nothing to defend.
  7. Thank you Jake.

    Poor quality tape? Well I don't suppose rubbing your fingers up and down the strip would have helped either. Tell me, are BBC journos in the habit of using poor quality tapes?
  8. PTP _ would have thought not, but that's my opinion .....

    Turning to other matters ....

    From the BBC's News Website .....

    Hoon: 'Kelly death will destroy my career'

    Hoon insisted that David Kelly appear before MPs
    Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has reportedly told colleagues he expects his ministerial career to be over following the death of government weapons expert Dr David Kelly.
    Mr Hoon telephoned colleagues last week to tell them he anticipated he would have to "fall on his sword" over the affair, according to the Independent on Sunday.

    Last week it emerged at the inquiry into the scientist's death that Mr Hoon had over-ruled his most senior civil servant to order Dr Kelly to appear before MPs investigating the Iraq weapons row.

    Ministry of Defence permanent secretary Kevin Tebbit had recommended Dr Kelly should not have to appear before the Commons foreign affairs committee.

    He asked Mr Hoon "show some regard for the man himself", who was unused to being in the public eye, the Hutton Inquiry heard.

    But the paper claims Mr Hoon has told friends he believes that that the disclosure that his office had argued it would be "presentationally" difficult if Dr Kelly did not give evidence to the committee could spell the end of the defence secretary's Cabinet career.

    The inquiry is examining the circumstances surrounding Dr Kelly's apparent suicide after he was named as the possible source of a BBC report claiming Downing Street "sexed up" Iraq's weapons capability to help make the case for war.

    Elsewhere lawyers acting for the government have flown out to see Downing Street communications chief Alastair Campbell at his French holiday home ahead of his appearance before the inquiry next week, according to the Observer.

    'Forensic' preparation

    The paper says he will be taken "forensically" through the evidence he is to give to the inquiry, where he is likely to be asked about his role in preparing the dossier and his involvement in Dr Kelly's name becoming public.

    Mr Campbell has been at the heart of the row since BBC defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan said his source had claimed the communications chief was responsible for "transforming" last September's dossier in the week before publication.

    Other inquiry witnesses will include Number 10 chief of staff Jonathan Powell and Tom Kelly, the spokesman who suggested Iraq weapons expert Dr Kelly was a "Walter Mitty" character.
  9. I like his use of the phrase "falling on his sword" to somehow convey a sense of honour and decency.

    The man wouldn't know decency if it fell on him.

    "I can assure the house that sufficent CIS will be in place before any action"

    Just go , make sure the door doesn't whack you on the Arrse on the way out.

    Problem is, who will get the slot?
  10. PTP - Who would you like to see get the slot?
  11. Robin Cook, or any other labour backbencher who has been vocal about cuts in Defence spending.

    Not saying Cook would be any good, just that he would weigh up any dodgy deployments carefully, and I don't think he's afraid to tell the Americans - No. He does tend to weigh up what we're spending in Defence , against how useful it really is (Missile shields) and he does believe in robust foreign policy with an ethical dimension.

    Actually, why not Cook?
  12. Back to Hutton

    Campbell in the hotseat today

    Mr Campbell quoted Mr Scarlett as saying: "There may well be people down the ranks who are unhappy with this but you have to know this is not the view of people at the top."

    The inquiry was then shown a letter from a former senior intelligence figure to Martin Howard - the deputy chief of defence intelligence at the MoD - which expressed reservations about the way intelligence assessments were being dealt with.

    Mr Campbell said he was unaware of the communications.

    The draft dossier on Iraq was first shown to Mr Blair on 11 September.

    In his diary on the same day Mr Campbell had written "the drier the better, cut the rhetoric" following his meeting with Scarlett.

    "I think there's material here we can work with but it's a bit of a muddle and needs more clarity in the guts of it in terms of what is new/old," he said.

    Mr Campbell's special adviser Philip Bassett sent an email to Foreign Office press officer Daniel Bruce that they had a "very long way to go [with the dossier] I think. Think we are in lot of trouble with this as it stands now."
    Mr Campbell said he was unaware of such a communication

    Well, no doubt more will come out. So Campbell kept a diary? Did he show/mention this to the FAC as well?

    Looking forward to Newsnight again tonight :D
  13. I actually went on Monday - well worth it. Apparently the MoD never asked Kelly what he'd said about "45mins" or Ali C or uranium from Niger in their grilling sessions - only which hack he'd said it to. IE, no-one gave a nuts about the facts!

    Jonathan Powell, the No.10 Chief of Staff, was amusing if only for this - he swaggered in, hair bursting from head and every pore, dripping testosterone, sat down as if hoping to smash the chair - the QC (James Dingemans) asked him to give his name for the record and he said something like.......

    "mummble eek"

    They told him to "speak up!" Mouse or Man? I think he'd go for the cheese with added cheese..
  14. Seen

    Been gleefully reading all the stuff from the dark corners. My oh my there are some gems in there.

    When are the Government going to start using the "Security of the Realm" Gambit?