Hutton auction caused offence

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, May 24, 2006.

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  1. The Wide Mouthed Frog always causes offence; however this time she has overstepped the mark. :evil:
  2. If she was anything else other than Tone's ugly frog, she should and would be forced to resign.

    Resign herself to the fact she's pig ugly and a fcuking arrogant bitch.
  3. I think its disgusting, like dancing on the grave of Dr Kelly, she signs the report which no one truely believes is honest over the shaming of a decent man, who was brow beaten in parliament, and left with no way out. She is not just arrogant, she is evil and cruel.. The sooner all bLiar and his lot are out of power the better, may be then we can have a non political civil service, at least a clue on how many foreign criminals are at large free to re offend, and a PM and partner who are not just trying to line their pockets (speaking tours and books etc) or raise money with cheap actions, like signing that report.... what next, autographed death warrants (if we still had executions).
  4. Crazy frog rings Tone?

    (With apologies to Private Eye)

    Edited for mong typing.
  5. More and more she reminds me of Mira Milosevic.
  6. David Kelly's report was a true reflection of the situation at the time and was not popular with the government. We were then told that he took his own life, certainly his life was taken, but not I think by himself. The insensitive toad (sorry, frog) then signs a copy of his report. I wonder what else she will do for money :twisted:
  7. Rest assured, I would do something even more distasteful if she met an untimely demise! :twisted:
  8. I've always thought of her as being like Elena Ceauşescu - who came to a suitably sticky end, courtesy of the army, if I remember correctly...
  9. People like the frog gives whores a bad name.
  10. Don't forget it was also autographed by another pillar of truth and honesty......
  11. Whilst she has been beaten with the ugly stick, her sister, Lauren is rather pleasing on the eye.
  12. Left, right or middle?
  13. Thinking of how crass her behaviour is are there any comparisons that could be drawn?

    Pontius Pilate signing the New testament?
  14. pics??