Hustle BBC1


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Just watched it. I used to enjoy this, but this was awful and not a scratch on the old ones
I quite enjoyed it to be honest.

And the best thing is, Kelly Adams (the blonde bird who conned Mickey) is now in it for the rest of the series. :D

I can't find any photos of her on line but I'd not get tired of licking her clack.
Off to watch it now on Sky+ :D
Get Stacey and Danny back.......feckin quick!!!!!!
I think its early days to call it rubbish at the moment. True, the original team were great (Stacie especially...) but it may be that the new bro and sis combo joining Mickey Bricks and Ash Morgan give it a different and just as enjoyable angle.

So long as Kelly Adams gets her legs out every episode, I really couldn't care either way. ;)
She looks crap with short hair.

Given the choice of smashing her hips to bits or licking piss of a nettle, she'd get it with short hair of course.
Mickey Bricks is handsome he's also very fit
New girl is no match, yet, but she may grow on me.


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