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Hussein's daughter


Kit Reviewer
Damn ! This guy Saddam Hussein must have a sense of humour, just heard his daughter's statements on the Beeb. Her funny dad gave her the name of...... RAG-ED ! (Well that's close enough for me) :D
Some people really should think before they name their kids.......had the pleasure of sitting as a governor on an inner London school board a few years ago, one of the families had the surname Kunt, horrible name! Made only worse by the fact they called their eldest daughter Sema..... :roll:


Kit Reviewer
Knew a couple who called their newborn girl Tanya. Cute name I thought, then it dawned on me that the FNP's were Mr & Mrs Hyde ! Doh !
The Turkish Ambassador to the Court of St James during WWII was Mustapha Khunt.

Allegedly when he presented his credentials a high personage was heard to say: "Well we all feel like that sometimes, don't we?"
Nutstrangler said:
Knew a S/sgt in the Engineers, bloke by the name of Coomber, then he got made up to WO II (RQMS). True :!:
I knew a bod called Cumberpatch - dont know if he ever got to AQMS though.

A famous (in New Zealand) athlectics coach is Dick Quax -

nice party trick

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