Husbands who dont know the right things to say!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by greengoblin, May 12, 2007.

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  1. Your wife hates clothes shopping but she has an event to go to in a couple of weeks. She has just bought a new dress to wear to said event. She trys it on for husband whos response is

    Quote ' It's fine' when prompted further 'no, it's nice,' and further 'No, I like it.' unquote.

    Are most men like this or is it just mine?
  2. Burn the fat cow.

    Sorry love didn't realise you were a bird.

    Are you fat though?
  3. I believe the correct response is;

    'You look great. I've always liked the Hattie Jacques look'.
  4. What ever we say we will always be wrong, its a bit like when you ask the wife how much did it cost? Do you always remember to add the accessories to the final bill :twisted:
  5. No I wouldn't say I was fat!!
  6. Does that suggest we would?
  7. I am totally honest with my missus and if something does not look nice I tell her.

    She really respects me for this and we have a wonderful relationship.

    She recently asked if I thought her new bikini was nice and naturally I told her what an absolute peach she looked.

  9. How about this one,

    He recently found out he was going to the FI for 6 months. One of the first things he said was

    quote 'Oh I'm going to miss out on six months of my dog's life.' unquote
  10. How long afterwards did you realise you had no pets?
  11. Was he talking about you? I hope not :twisted:

    He'll enjoy the falklands excellent gymnasium,swimming pool and great bars. Tell him to try the Crab and sprocket and Timmies for the RAF chicks.
  12. Yes he could have been talking about me but I think he was more concerned about the pooch!!!

    and he has his own RAF girl thanks.
  13. That is 3.5 years in human terms. Your man is clearly a caring bloke, kind to animals. :roll:

    Haven't you taught him always to be frank about your clothes/appearance?

    I've always been 100% candid to my missus, and look where it's got me!

    Dire straits . . . . . 8)
  15. Hows that poor dog going to cope 3.5 years away in doggy years. Ill see you in court when we get our divorce papers through Caubeen as I have another mess dinner night coming up so Mrs (Iron) will be asking If her bum looks big in her dress again :twisted: