husband took a journey

A married couple from norway decides to go on holiday in order to catch some sun. They book two weeks in italy. For job related reasons the wife has to take a flight which goes one day after her husband's flight.
When the husband arrives he goes straight to his hotelroom and gets his laptop out in order to send an eMail to his wife at home. Unfortunatelly he gets the letters in the adress mixed up and the eMail is received by a widow who has just returned from her husband's funeral and wants to check the condolences which came by eMail.
When the widow's son enters the room and finds his mother laying unconciously on the floor, he checks the monitor in order to find out what caused his mother's unconciousness.

The eMail says:

to: my beloved wife whom I had to leave behind
from: your loving husband who has taken a journey
subject: got here just fine

My love, I just arrived. I have already settled in and am happy to tell you that everything has been prepared thoroughly for your arrival. I hope you'll have a good trip and am awaiting you tomorrow.

Love, your husband

PS: It's fecking hot down here!

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