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Hi, wondering if someone can advise.
My husband served in the scots guards from 94 - 2000 and has submitted his paperwork for rejoining the same regiment. Can someone help with the following questions:
1. Will his age (now 30) or years out of service (8 years) cause a problem ?
2. We do have a mortgage, which we will continue with as i wont be moving with him because of my own work committments. However over the course of our marriage we do have credit cards, catalogue, loan, settee on finance etcetc. Will any of this be a problem. They are all being paid and i regard them as credit rather than debts. I am aware that when going for a security clearance this gets taken into a/c. We received one default 2 years ago, not because we couldnt pay the debt but due to a disagreement with the company and we ended up with the default! Will this cause a problem?
As long as you can afford to keep paying them on his and your wage.

As for the first question, has he been told what he has to do to re-enlist (doe she have to do any training again?)?
I have been recently told at the careers office that a debt that is manageable with £250 payments, or less, per month is acceptable. But that may be for the specific level of vetting I would need. Not entirely sure how it works, but that is a figure I have heard banded around.
Your husbands age/time out has no real relevance unless he was nearing the age of 33. He will need to bring his discharge paperwork with him to the careers office where they will send of a special enlistment authority document to Glasgow. Provided your husband left the SG on good terms then there should be no problems. As for debt, a mortgage is a positive equity but he cannot be paying more than approx £250 pm from his wages in other debts....however they could be in your name and he would be ok.
Thanks for the replies everyone.

He has taken his 'red book' down to the Careers office and they have sent a D500 off to Glasgow?? They have not advised about the training he needs to do again ie. whether its just phase 2 or phase 1 aswell.

He left the SG on good terms after serving his 12 months notice etc. and his fitness is excellent!

With regards to our monthly commitments, very few are in my husbands name and they are definitely below £250 per month. Out of interest, how on earth would the Army know what our monthly outgoings are. Surely you could tell them £50 or £100 and they wouldn't be any wiser, would they?
If he had to be security cleared to the level where you need to fill in a special form (unlikely for normal service) then you have to declare EVERYTHING. If you lie, they find out and you are in a world of doo doo.

Normal Army service requires clearance to a lower level and doesn't really get concerned with debt. If someone had to be cleared to a higher security clearance, but had a massive debt, they "could" be bribed to do something - but you only need that clearance for certain jobs, not just standard enlistment.
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied to me initially.
My husband received word from the Careers Office this morning that he has been accepted to re-join the Guards - Just waiting for his paperwork to come down from Glasgow, with official confirmation about what training he needs to do - Does anybody know from experience whether it will be Phase 2 or Phase 1 aswell - The careers office were unsure? Anyway the earliest date he has been given to go back in is the 19th October!
I have got one happy hubby today!!
Thanks again


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I rejoined after 8 years and went straight to phase 2. However this might have been because I was in the TA 5 years immediately before joining.
Poss hit catterick get an assesment and crack straight on if he passes in Bn in a fortnight not bad as they are just up the road!!.

All the best for re-joining (just dont take a nokia on the ranges the staff are a bit strange about that for some reason). :wink: :D :wink:

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