Husband at the ballet

A husband is persuaded to attend the ballet with his wife, after much nagging. He would have prefered to be at the football game, but for the sake of peace agrees.
During the first act of Swan Lake, he starts sniggering and laughing to himself. His wife gives him a jab with her elbow and says. "I know you don't really want to be here, but stop laughing and sniggering."
The man replies. "I cannot help it, I was wondering what the audience would do if I rushed down on to the stage, grabbed the Prima Ballerina and gave her a good seeing to in front of them all."
His wife responded by jabbing him hard with her elbow and telling him to shut his filthy mouth.
A short while later she started to chuckle to herself. "What are you laughing at?" Asked her husband.
She replied. "I was just thinking what would happen if you did what you told me to the Prima Ballerina, and the audience gave you a standing ovation." "Wondering what?" Asked her husband. She replied. "I was wondering what you would do for an Encore!"

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